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ExplorerDMB00's 2000 XLT (7" Lift w/ 33" SSRs)

I just realized that I haven't put my Explorer on here. Well This is what has happened so far:


-4" Trailmaster FB120 (Ranger Kit) w/ Superlift 4" Springs In The Rear.
-3" Performance Accessories Body Lift (Kit #883)


-5R55E AOD Trans
-4.56:1 Gear Ratio
-Ford Racing Limited Slip

Tire and Wheels:

-33x12.50xR15 Interco Super Swamper Radials (SSRs)
-15x8 American Racing Diamond Backs

Other Mods:

-5% Tint in Rear; 15% on Driver and Passenger Windows
-Blue L.E.D. Underbodies
-Generation II Reverse Glow Gauges
-AUTOPAGE Remote Start/Keyless Entry/Alarm with LCD Pager/Remote
-EuroDesignz Xenon H1 Foglights
-EuroDesignz Xenon 9007 Headlights
-Billet Grill
-8.8" Chrome Differential Cover
-Flowmaster 40 Series Exhaust

I am currently 18 and a aspiring automotive technican. I am employeed at a local repair shop (#1 rated in the Richmond area for about 5 years now) and I have enjoyed working there. I plan on attending a automotive tech school starting in fall of 2005. I have done just about everything to my truck myself (with a few assisting hands from co-workers and most of the electrical stuff was done by my friend at his shop *discounts*) and I believe full-heartedly that if you work on your truck yourself, you will have more respect for yourself and enjoy your vehicle much more! I have learned a lot through working on my Explorer. My home is in Mechanicsville, Virginia (15 minutes from Richmond) and it is a nice suburban area. I do not like the city AT ALL! My truck should be in Februarys or Marchs issue of 4wheelparts magazine Off-Road Adventures in the Before&After section. I will hopefully have more information soon. Enjoy the pictures and this is what I plan on doing soon:

Engine Performance Mods, rerouting exhaust (very soon), rerouting front drivetrain for a d.c. yoke slip joint driveshaft, traveling tires (most likely BFGoodrich A/Ts with black rock crawler wheels).







I have a website on cardomain which is on my signature! There are a lot of pictures there. And I just want to say thank you to this forum - I wouldn't have this without this website! Thanks!