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ExplorerForum AZ run March 23 2008

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I spoke with Rick on the phone last night, he's still in for Crown King if everything else he has going on doesn't interrupt. That run would be on Easter Sunday for those interested.

It will be a pretty full day, and we will take Hwy 17 back down to the staging area. I think I've seen stock trucks on there, but I've seen trucks with body damage from that trail before as well. I think we could get any 4x4 or capable 2wd up the trail with support. Probably not a '06 with all the plastic if you get my point.

So, the fun partAttendees

Dannyboy + 1 truck maybe
Rick (maybe)

Please let me know if you can make it ( you can PM me). All are welcome, we may have extra seats too. I will put all the info on post 1. I hope I'm not leaving anyone out, let me know and i'll add you.

Soo... Sunday run only.. Count me IN


Since Rick and Dannyboy are out.. are others going? I'm trying to decide if I'm going to drive up there for a day of wheeling?


Yeah sorry Mark. The TDS trip, brutal prepping of taxes and a bachelor party in vegas threw me off, I thought I'd have my truck ready and don't want to rush it together just to get on the trail unprepared.

Thats ok.. if no one else is going I'll wait until the next run.. maybe I'll go the the Truckhaven redmption run.. If I'm really really really lucky maybe I'll be able to tow the X out there (cost more in gas, but less worried about getting home).


i would still be in for the run its just a matter of driving up to the northside of town for me but if the numbers are getting low and yall want to wait im sure i can wait for the next run as well and that will also give me time to save up and hopefully have it lifted alittle more and possible bigger tires either way im down to go up to north phoenix and do the run up to yall.....

So im going to take that it is a def no go on crown king then

I couldn't handle not getting out of the house Sunday so I went out to Charleau Gap for a little scouting (and to play with the metal detector)..

I wasn't doing anything extreme (I was the only vehicle) and maganged to break the truck...

Made it off the trail and back home.. I just have a lot less fender/tire clearance and the caster split is way bad now..

Here's the pic I took this morning.. I'll pull the spring out tonight and put on one of my spares.


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doh, thats pretty crazy Mark. The weather was beautiful yesterday, it would have been a good ride.

I'm really sorry I couldn't make this one:( The weather was perfect for anything outdoors.

Things have been crazy around here lately, and nothing is resolved yet:banghead:

I'm really sorry I couldn't make this one:( The weather was perfect for anything outdoors.

Things have been crazy around here lately, and nothing is resolved yet:banghead:

Just make it out to T-haven on the 19-20th;)

Yea i hear what your saying bro i had a nicer dinner and then in the afternoon the weather was too nice so i went out here in the west valley on some trails by my self that i know nothing too crazy and road around on the mountain sides a little az pin striping but nothing this serious the worst i got was i think i busted my fender flare when i had the tire at full turn and cam off a rock and it popped off other then that it was perfect weather and i do hope to see that truck out in Truckhaven....i just had a good bite on my other truck today so im hoping the guy buys it this week and i can get my lift on and tires on order........and danny how is your truck coming along gunna be out of the shop by then