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Explorers in the Snow

finally some snow!



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All that snow is gonna melt in the garage and be a big puddle!

We had a light dusting the other day and most of it's now melted away. Supposed to be mid-60's tomorrow in KS IN THE MIDDLE OF JANUARY!!! WTF!?!?!?!?

I was hoping to make another "doughnut/drift" vid to make up for the crappy one from last year. Guess that's not going to happen...

Kazer, I really like how those wheels look in the second pic.

Finally beginning to look like winter around here:



First snow since like Halloween.


Just got hit with about 8 inchs today in CT.

Fled, truck looks great. Nice pics too. Where'd you take them?

ya man thats a sweet pic...

My new Snow Plow! LMAO!


Not a lot of snow, but still snow....


It was in the process of snowing. You can see the drag line from the tow strap. Also, this was last year.