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Explore's Truck

Well after WD40ing the hell out of my truck, I felt that it was time to post some pictures. Granted I made her feel rather embaressed with the 2x4 BUT thats what you get for costing me an entire can of liquid wrench and still not being able to get off my lower fog lights.............

Exhaust video |STOCK|

*the high pitched w/e is not my truck my camera sucks sorry :(*​

Pics gogogogogo








Now if only someone would tell me where to put the SeaFoam in my OHV then the show would be started......

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nice x u got there

disconnect the vacuum hose coming off the brake booster, and then suck the stuff in til it starts to smoke then shut the engine off. and let it sit for 5 then start it up again.

Those hose coming off the big black/ rust thing on the right corner

Well I've done the seafoam treatment a few times. And I've never had to use sealant. I would go back and make sure you have it on far enough and have it clamped properly. Does it sound differently then before you did the seafoam also it could be linked to your 4wd problem because the t-case attaches directly onto the back of the transmission. If it's not either of those then I'm baffled and I would make a thread in the trans and t-case section

Its all the way on to the white cap and the clamp is in the same spot cause there is a rust stain I used to figure out where to put it back on :D I'm also noticing a way rougher idle. Is it possible the Seafoam knocked something loose? Either way I'm going to make a thread in the transmission forum.

1/3 in the tank 1/3 in the oil and 1/3 in the BB. She sat for 10mins and honestly it barely even smoked while I was driving I had to get it over 2k rpm to even see anything come out the exhaust. By the time I hit the hill no smoke was coming out anymore.

They say if you put it in the oil, get an oil change immediately, as it gets all the **** from the engine into the oil...

That could possibly help lol.

I did 1/2 bottle in my 92 and 95's brake booster, GREAT results, sucked it in, let it sit for 10-15 mins, then started it, put weight on the pedal so it stayed at about 1700 RPMs and they smoked like CRAZYYYY


Lol well thats just what ive read numerous times, I mean it does make sense, all the junk it gets out of your engine goes into the oil

I would give it a tank of gas before you say there's a problem. At least with my truck it alwYa got worse gas mileage when I put eihr seafoam or gummout or the likes in and then would run better on the next tank. As far as the not smoking much... Well one of two things occurred either your truck does not have carbon build up or you didn't put enough in. My thoughts would be try the sea foam again and see if it does anything.

Oh and what sea foam does is eat up carbon deposits. Oil is carbon based. If you don't change your oil it breaks it down potentially damaging your motor. So I'd do the oil change. 5 qts of oil is cheaper then a new motor.


Its acutally six and I'm going to change the oil before I take the trip down to Penn. As far as the loss of power goes I just think its a fairly bad hill, I noticed in both my Dad's truck and the girls GTO that at about 3 thousand rpm there is a slight jump on theres and since the truck and GTO are V8's I figure it is just way more noticable because I have a pushrod V6 that shifts gears like a Hippo.

As far as a tank of gas goes I've been getting a whopping 25mpg and have been working my way up to the 200 miles (I went back to my mechanic friend and he was like oh ya you can put it in the oil, change it after some hard driving after about 200.) So its been fun, the 4wheeldrv is still ??? but I went back to the dude I bought it from and he said he'd pay for it to get fixed so no biggie.

And I forgot to say that last time I'm just gonna skip out on the oil (because I know I'll probably forget and get a change right before I do it) and put like 1/3 in the gas and the rest in the engine since I only used about 1/3 of the can this time. Perhaps more results will be noticable. I have noticed that the engine is running alot smoother, as I used to Idle and get the occasional shudder now she just purrs. My passing potential has also gone up as I beat out a dude in a Camaro, and I was driving rather casually. Not to mention the mileage wow. When I drove her home after the mech beat her up and made her roar good I got about 19mpg and as I noted I'm sitting at 25 and it seems to still be getting better.

I'm not gonna lie the initial results scared the @!#$ out of me because I thought it just made her worse, but it seems like it may have been worth it.

I'm actually really supprised the guy offered to pay for the 4x4 .. you're lucky on that account.

But i'm supprised you're getting 25mpg. You're lucky to get that. But i'm assuming you haven't modded anything yet. so it will only go down hill from there if you decide to lift it. But as far as the seafoam, yeah, it usually takes a can or two depending how caked in that crap is.

Glad everything has worked out for you. what are the plans for this ex? Going up, Down or staying level?


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Its not that bad considering he gave me a 3,000 mile warranty. As far as mods go I'm definetley lifting her at some point. I wanna get 32's and I already know I need new shackles cause her ass is sagging really bad. But thats down the road after the winter. Before the new year hits I'd like to see the bumper, fender, running boards, factory skids and flares all powder coated black along with a new stereo system as my radio only likes to turn on when I put my heating system + power and other knobs into the exactly right pattern lol.

Oh and I'm putting new hydraulics on the hood so I don't have to prop it up with a 2x4, should be done this weekend.