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Extended radius arm question

July 6, 2016
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Bonney lake wa
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94 Mazda navajo
Hey guys. I'm gonna try to get my navajo together this weekend. Got the new radius arm bracket that was toasted coming from the wrecking yard and some new bushings. I made some coil spacers and lift shackles to throw on for now but my plans are for f150 springs, f250 shock mounts and long shocks and extended radius arms. I have a set of super lift arms that need a stud replaced on the frame side of one and the axle side re fabbed on the other one. My question is. Are the super lift arms gonna be worth modding for rod ends or should I mod a set of factory arms? And would it be a bad idea to make them long enough to mount behind the transmission crossmember?

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The Superlift arms have a reputation for cracking at the axle end so I wouldn't put any effort into modding them.

Here is a 3rd choice, I am selling a pair of ttb end brackets that you can build off of by adding some DOM tube and a gusset and then either some tabs or just a bolt for the shock mount. Info here: http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/index.php?threads/extended-radius-arm-starter-kit.443543/

I don't see any benefit of making the arms go behind the trans crossmember. Most extended arms end up just before it or right under it. The center of my joint is about even with the bolts for the trans mount. the downsides to your plan would be slightly more material cost and even more decreased ground clearance that farther back on the frame.

One of the super lift arms I have is already broke at the axle end. So I was thinking of rebuilding it and adding extra material across the splice to make it stronger where It broke. I have a set of factory arms available to modify.would it be better to mod those or repair and upgrade the super lift arms? Will it be ok to make them short enough to not interfere with the trans crossmember? Mount just in front of the crossmember. I'm trying to avoid having to mod the crossmember or make a new one

Thanks for the info brian1. I am just gonna run the stock arms for now to get it going and then use some 2 in dom to extend another set of factory arms I have. We're you on an episode of dirt every day? Your explorer looks really familiar. I am trying to end up with mine being very similar other than it being a 2 door mazda navajo

Modding the factory arms over the Superlifts sounds like a good plan. Maniak and 5spdman both have good looking lengthened factory radius arms if you need a good refrence.

Yes my Explorer has been in 3 different episodes of DED. The Painless Wiring Jeep CJ, the Tundra border to border and one of the Cheap Truck episodes.

I used to have a 83 ranger that I sas'ed. I thought my offloading days were over when I sold it because all my friends got out of the hobby. I watch ded on a regular basis and when I saw your explorer I thought man I could do that pretty cheap and get back into it. So I got my mazda navajo for 300 bucks and I'm trying to set it up like yours for light wheeling and hunting. Next thing I'm gonna do is my tire swing gate and front bumper. I'll try to take lots of pictures and make another thread about it