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Exterior Trim 2006 XLT


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December 23, 2008
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West Friendship, MD
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2006 Explorer XLT
2006 XLT

It's got that nasty gray plastic trim around the wheel wells and along the bottom of the doors. Is there any replacement for this...like from the limited or eddie bauer models?

I have an 07 xlt and it came with the the trim color keyed to the body. I have seen some of the vehicles with gray trim and I didn't know if it was an option or a difference in model years. You might try a junk yard, they pieces come off with only a few bolts.


ya, I was thinking junkyard.

I was told it was a difference in the model years. I just think it looks cheap and wanted something a little more matching. Especially with a Gold body, the gray plastic trim doesnt match.

The less expensive models came with the gray/charcoal trim. The higher end models/Eddie Bauer have the painted trim and door handles