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F-150 Question, Wrong Forum But...


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February 13, 2002
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all F-150 forums suck! If you ask a question harder than which color battery cable goes to the + post, they simply hide and won't reply. Maybe this problem has been encourtered before with an X. So I'm driving my '97 F-150 Lariat last week and every now then, when I came to a stop, the truck would cut off. It would start right back up and I would be on my way until it hit again. Now it won't idle at all. I can start it with some gas pedal, but when I come off it, truck shuts off. I have seen many posts about replacing TPS, and cleaning various sensors. If this problem happened to your X, where would you begin? Fuel pressure is good, air cleaner is new. Runs fine with some gas, so spark should be good. That takes care of the basic internal engine requirements, so now it is time to look at the "sensor world" possible problems.
Thanks in advance,

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I'd first check the computer to see if it sees anything wrong. Sometimes it can be throwing codes without the CEL coming on. Definately sounds like something electronic. TPS is a possibility, any other symptoms?

No other problems, two weeks ago it ran like a champ (w/ 165K miles), then caput. I will look into the codes though (if I can find an F150 guy with enough knowledge to tell me how). You're right, there has been no CEL.

Sounds like IAC. There was someone in here a few months ago with a 97 expedition with the same problem.

not sure what your saying about f-150 forums? I am one of the frequents at f150world.com and anytime anyone has a question its typically always answered.
Unfortunately I dont know the answer to your question but it looks like your getting some good responses already.

Thanks Matt, I'm going to look now. I had posted at Ford Truck Enthusiasts and a couple of others with no replies. I can't dog F-150 owners too bad, since I am one!

yeah ford-trucks.com is pretty useless... I can almost guarantee you'll have good luck at f150world.com

Hey Matt,
Man that site has too many categories! Where do you think my best chances are? General F150? COmputer Related? Body Accessories? J/K Where do you think I fit in(about my post, not me)?

I'd say the engine forum.

Thanks Matt for the link. I posted and already have one reply. Those guys seem real knowledgable. I take back my statement about all F-150 forums sucking.

I'll tell you what you need to go visit www.f150world.com They are great people. You questions will be answered in literally minutes. Its like no other F150 forum.


oh yeah one other cool thing about f150world.com... they are coming out with a f-150 only magazine, similar to truckin magazine but only featuring ford f-series, one year for $25. It's gonna kick ass! First issue is due out in June/July I believe.