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F150 spacers/Warrior shackles??

John Doe

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November 1, 2000
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'94 EB
Hey guys,

I had a couple questions about the Warrior shackles and F150 coil spacers that many of you use on your Explorers. I have a '94 Explorer and already have a 3" body lift, but would like a few more inches of clearance without spending the money for a suspension lift. About how much $$ am I looking at spending for the shackles and spacers? Is there somewhere online where I could buy them? Also, about how much clearance will I gain with them and how hard are they to install? Thanks.


I haven't done the lift yet but have been looking into it for a couple weeks. From what I've heard and found out, you can order the spacers from your Ford dealership for around $30, and I emailed Warrior Products to find out where the nearest retailer was in my area: warprod@gte.net . I think they run about $50 shipped.

As for ease of install, so far I've read around 2 hours for the spacers and 15 minutes for the shackles. I'm not a mechanic, but from looking at my Navajo and my Haynes manual I don't think it will be more then an afternoon job with some friends and beer. Plus I'll be squeezing some 31x10.5s!

The shackles cost me about $45 shipped from 4wheelparts, and the spacers were about $30 from Ford. The alignment ran me about $70 with adjustable camber bushings. So for the whole lift (minus the radius arm that I had replaced... stupid shock mount broke, GRRR) cost me about $150. Got 1.5" up front, 1.75" in the rear.

Well mike i just posted a reply but the site cut me off, Oh well its no problem I piad in Canadian funds but the prices sound right. . I tried to say that i had trouble with the front stud and only got about 1/2 the nut on the stud after the spacers so I took a thicker nut and turned it down on the lathe at work about 1/2 way so the collar fit through the spacer ( some drilling required) lots of thread at least this way. Not all studs are short this way so try it first . got at least a 1 3/4 lift and it aligned O.K.