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Factory Amp, No sound..


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November 4, 2009
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huntsville, AL
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1993 Explorer Eddie Bauer
OK, I'm sure I will get FLAMED for this, so let me just say first, I HAVE searched the forums, but am overwhelmed..

Just purchased 93 Explorer. Factory Radio comes on, but NO SOUND out of any speakers.

I don't have an owner's manual, so I don't know what fuses are what??

I am assuming it has the factory Amp behind the rear passenger panel, but haven't removed it to check.

My question is: Specifically, what fuses/etc can I check to see if it is an easy fix?

Any thoughts or ideas of why I'm not getting any sound???

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OK. Update.

I went to a junk yard and got another identical amp. (Powered up the car and tested it...)

Came home, plugged it in and NO SOUND still.....


I have two ideas right off.

1, the wire that connects to the back of the radio, the "remote turn on" wire if you will (blue wire) may have come loose. Might want to pull the radio to see if it's still wired up.

2, Fuse may have blown. Check the fusebox underneath the steering wheel, I'm thinking it's a 20amp fuse but I'm not positive. I know that when I pull all of mine to check, music will be going then it'll cut out but the radio is still on and playing, so it's the power to the amp.


Just for the RECORD:

It is COMPLETELY POSSIBLE to have a Factory Premium Sound head unit that powers up and looks to be working, but NO SOUND...and the Amp STILL BE GOOD!

I went to local Pawn Shop and bought a Pioneer DEH-P3000IB CD Player. It had the plug with wires coming out of the back. $40.00!! Pretty nice unit, 4 x 50W, Aux Jack on front for iPod, Bluetooth capabilities....

Went to wally-world and got the Scosche FDK106 Wiring harness adapter for Ford Premium Radios...($10.00)..

Came home, sat down in the living room and matched the Pioneer wires to the Wiring Kit wires (Color for Color!, really straight-forward!)

Took the unit and wire "mess" out to the Explorer, plugged the adapter kit into my Factory Ford harness, and VOILA!

I now have sound, and LOUD.

So, the moral of the story is: Just because your factory head unit appears to work, but you don't have SOUND.... DO NOT automatically assume you have a BAD Factory Amplifier!!!! (You could have a bad Stock radio, instead...)

Still stumped

My aftermarket head unit was working fine and then no sound although appearing to play. The face indicated that the headphone plug in the back seat was being used but it wasn't. The button next to the first jack (left) is pushed in and won't click out when pressed. I disconnected this unit so the indicator liight on the unit is no longer lit still no sound. Reinstalled factory unit and same issue - appears to be on but no sound. Any suggestions?