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Factory CD Changer


Southern Gent

I just bought a nice used 1998 Explorer Eddie Bauer. I was told by the owner the orginal 10 CD changer went bad so he installed a FORD factory single CD player AM/FM radio. I don't know much about this unit but I do know it has the premium sound system with the large speaker in the rear of the Explorer & speakers in each of the doors (4). Can anyone tell me here I might find the changer unit that installs in the center console & is there something that's after market that is better then the orgianl factory unit that will fit in place of it? I've been hitting up the junk yards but no one seems to have the original unit. Thanks

I have a factory 6 CD changer that I took out of my own '95, if you had one (you should) there would be an unplugged wire going just into the front of the armrest console... Maybe a 1" x 1" plug.

Also make sure your radio has CD changer controls on it, or you would need to buy a different radio as well.

There are no aftermarket units that will work with the factory head unit. If you end up getting an aftermarket changer, you will need to get an aftermarket head unit and rewire to your changer.

Someone will say that you are better off to go aftermarket for the price you will pay and for sound quality... But, if you have the existing wiring/plug and changer controls on your radio, you can get a factory changer for $50-$80 on eBay or from my garage- and for most people, the factory setup sounds fine, especially if you turn the bass and treble both all the way up, it wakes up the factory system. :D


Hey Joe I appreciate the information. It looks to me like I am going to have to change out the existing head unit too as there are no buttons to change the CD tracks on it like on a stock head unit. I am looking for the factory stock head unit that connects to the stock CD changer that is inside the center console. I looked at yesterday & there are two plugs along with what looks a coax cable with a screw connector on it. Not sure what all this is yet but I think I am on the right track to getting what I need to go back to stock setup.

IMO the stock sound system works just fine for me & my wife so I'm really not interested in getting any after market system. Give me the info to get to your garage as I am new to everything on the forum & it would make it easier for me. Thanks again for all the info.