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Factory fog light switch, aftermarket fog lights needing help


July 17, 2014
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Vancouver, WA
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1995 ford ranger XLT 4WD
Ok so ive got the factory fog/driving lights hooked up and working fine on the factory fog/driving light switch... no issues there

1995 Ford Ranger XLT Ext-cab 4.0L Automatic

Here is the issue(s) i am having
Needing to add aftermarket lights to my brush guard and ive added another Factory fog/driving light switch and cut hole in radio face plate and mounted it....

Issue i am having is that it keeps burning up

Here is my wiring so far

Hot wire from ign source to factory (added on) switch (seperate wire and source)
Grounded (spliced into factory wire next to factory switch)
Dash lights connected to switch (spliced into factory wire next to factory switch)
Then hot out to 40 AMP relay under hood of truck (seperate wire out to the relay)

Problem is the switch keeps smoking (frying, burning up) and has no output yet the factory one to my fogs works just fine??

Is there a step i am missing?? I mean there is a hot in, a ground, and a hot out to relay, (and of course the dash lights) what am i missing or adding to much??

Seems to be wired JUST THE same as the factory one???

Help please this is driving me nuts ive gone through tree switches already and its frustrating. ...

I dont know how to post pictures on the site but have them if some one could tell how to post them??

the black is the ground spliced into factory harness

The light blue and red are spliced into for dash lights into factory harness

The blue and black is seperate wire ran to a 12V ignition source (hot when ignition is turn on)

The tan and orange is ran out to the 40 amp relay under the hood (to feed power to my aftermarket lights)

The switch is smoking burning them up not the bulbs the switch three of them like ive got them shorted or crossed wired?? (Does not pop fuse anywhere)

At one time i had all three wires spliced into factory harness of of original switch

The issue is i am not getting power out of the tan orange wire to my relay
And the light that lets you know the switch has been turned on is not lighting up
But the dash light is working fine on the switch

The bottom switch is for the factory fog/driving lights

The top one is for my aftermarket brush guard lights

I have both test light and a DMM for testing

Let me know if needing more information

The factory wire harness colors are as follows

Blue and black are hot when head light is turned on

Black is the ground

Red and black is the dash lights

Tan and orange is hot out to factory fog/driving lights

This is all i am assuming as tested with my DMM and light probe