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Factory Keyless Entry & Remote Start


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Just wondering if anyone had any luck hooking up a remote start system to any Factory Keyless entry system. Thinking about buying a remote start but want it to be able to work with the keyless entry.

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I hooked up 2 units... 1 to my wifes Windstar van and 1 to our Subaru.
The van had a remote already for the door locks. The remote start also had buttons for the remote door locks and trunk lock, so I hooked them up also. Both of the remotes work now (factory and remote start) to unlock the doors.
The Subaru did not have remotes for the door locks, but did have electric locks. When I connected it, the remote is working great.
I haven't added one to the Ex yet, been thinking about it though (LOTS of wiring to do under dash to install it!!).

yeh i was thinking about this to as i was told that remote start can not be hooked up to the X as it has key chip recognition and would have to have the key in the ignition for the remote start to work????

there is a way around this - certain alarm compaines have a bypass device that you permanently put a duplicate, programmed key into, then hardwire it into the system. It allows the autostarter to bypass the antitheft system, but you still need the chipped key to start the truck from the steering column.