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Factory Rear DVD W/Aftermarket Head Unit

Piggybacking on this thread instead of starting a new one so I hope that's alright. I have an 04 EB with the factory DVD which mysteriously quit on me recently. I don't care to keep the DVD working anymore, but I do want to keep the steering wheel control functionality and replace my stock 6 disc changer unit with an android audio style unit. Would I just be looking at a double din model or do I need to look for anything specific to make sure my steering wheel controls will still work?
Yes, get a double DIN and an SWC interface. For model year 2004 an adapter harness is available for the RES, but not for model year 2005. Crutchfield is a good place to buy, all your questions can be addressed on their website.

I did this myself.

I have a 2005 Ford explorer Limited, and i have the RES and replaced the head unit with a aftermarket dvd system with aux inputs and outputs.

if you need help doing this, i can do my best to help you....i retained my factory RES, with video/audio out from the new head unit. and also run the RES independently from the head unit, and send audio from the RES to the wireless headphones.

everyone (shops and individuals and forums) said it was not possible in a 2005 ford explorer....but many hours of research, and time spent practicing...i did it...no problems..

could you provide the info on how you did this? thanks in advance