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October 13, 1999
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1993 XLT 4 DR. 4X4
i just scored a set of ford factory shop manuals for a 93 explorer. my question is, does anyone know what they are worth, i plan on keeping them but would like to know if i paid a fair price, its a two volume set. any help? Dead Link Removed

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well last time i look some shop manuals can run in the honderds of $ but im not shour what one for and explorer but for the cars a they cost like $60 canadian


I’ll assume that Helms published the shop manual for the 93 and, if it’s a complete set of shop manuals they are worth about $160.00. At least that’s what I paid for mine (97). I have two binders with a total of about 1500 pages. I also ordered the electrical book ($20.00). The electrical book alone is worth the whole $180.00. I wouldn’t part with my shop manuals. If your any kind of shade tree mechanic, they will save you big bucks.

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I paid $40.00 from I person selling them on ebay. I bought them 2 manuals for 1994 explorer (factory repair manual) He had about 400 sets of differant ford manuals. He said he work for ford for 30 years. He lists on ebay and is from south new jersey.

Bob S
1994 explorer
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