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Factory stereo, 6CD + DVD wattage?


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November 29, 2012
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columbus ohio
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2006, 4x4 Limited 4.6
I have a blown speaker in my left rear door and I am wondering what kind of power the stock system is putting out.

Also I would love to know the details of this system if anyone knows how everything is tied together.

It has the 6 cd changer up front, the dvd player for the back seat, and a subwoofer.

I have read a number of threads and so far I am assuming the head unit powers the doors and it has a small mono amp somewhere for the subwoofer. Is this correct? and does anyone know the wattage of any of this stuff?

Currently I am assuming something like 15/rms to the 4 doors, and somewhere around 65rms for the sub.


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Is this for a 99?
'04 audiophile. . .6CD/Sub. My '10's are the same.
Ford Spec - 50watts a channel (yea right), 90w for the sub which has its own amp. Sub amp on mine was 45w/45w dual voice coil.

no its for the 2006 i just bought. guess i need to update my profile! the ol' 99 is going to my friend for $1000. gotta keep it in the family right!

anyways, thats 50 watts peak i am sure. no head unit is pushing 50rms.

ok, thanks. thats about what i had figured.

i am just going to put some low end pioneers in it for $50 a pair. they are rated at 40rms and 91 sensitivity so they should be fine.

your going to want to read, 'upgrading an Audiophile Sub' in the audio section, i posted a while back for my '04. . ..hopefully you have better luck.
In short if you keep the stock Sub, you should keep the stock cheap speakers. The upgraded radio's are calibrated for cheap speakers and good speaker throws that off.

well the thing is i have a blown speaker. I do not want to upgrade the system, i just cant stand the blown speaker buzzing in my ear.

For now I am not too concerned with having immaculate sound, just no more blown speaker crackle.

the minute i start thinking about stereos i get all excited....

speakers will come first i guess, since i already need one anyways. then i need to figure out how the rear dvd thing works, i would like to still use it. if i replace the radio will it still work? it may not be easy to re-wire it to play through the new stereo, but it will still have power and be able to be used and listened to with the headphones right?

also, if i could just upgrade the factory sub i would prefer that than to try to build a box for the back as there is very little room behind the third row. so, does anyone know the size of the stock woofer? if i cant replace it with a beefier one i may just use that cutout and build my own enclosure with a pair of 6.5" subs, or maybe a nice 8" if it will fit:eek:

Any speakers will do. They will just be underpowered. 5x7 (or 6x8) is the size.

the deck is really only truely putting about 6-9 watts of rms power. Even aftermarket decks only put out about 15 rms watts