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Factory stereo harness wire color codes


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January 17, 2001
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1999 XLT

I need to know the color code of the factory wire harness for my 1999 stereo.

Any help appreciated.

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Thanks, my friend, that site helped a lot.

Here is the wiring color info for a '99 ....

Constant 12V+ Light Green
Switched 12V+ Yellow/Black
Ground Black
Illumination Light Blue/Red
Dimmer n/a
Amplifier Remote Blue

Antenna Right Front

Front Speakers 5" x 7" Doors
Left Front (+) Orange/Light Green
Left Front (-) Light Blue/White
Right Front (+) Dark Green/Orange
Right Front (-) White/Light Green

Rear Speakers 5" x 7" Rear Doors
Left Rear (+) Gray/Light Blue
Left Rear (-) Tan/Yellow
Right Rear (+) Orange/Red
Right Rear (-) Brown/Pink

I got on the site today looking for similar information and you guys had already discussed it. My problem is the speaker wiring on my 1996 eddie bauer is different than my 97 XLT and ive been back to best buy twice looking for the right harness to install an aftermarket head unit. Not only are the pins on my 96 spaced 1 row over from my 97 but they wires are laid out differently. The harness I have says it fits 95 and up Ford stereos but it obviously doesnt work. i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what, if any, the solution is. Thanks.