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Factory Sub 3rd gen

DJ Money

February 6, 2008
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03 XLT I think
I just bough a 03 XLS explorer. I am wanting to put in a sub But i need my cargo space. I am a DJ and i carry a lot of equipment. I have looked into a stelth box but too pricie and building one is last resort. I have though about using a factory box with after market sub. If anyone has an opinion or any other option. Or if some one has a box they would like to sell or pass on

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I know of an enclosure for an 8 inch sub that takes up only 1.5 cu ft.

4th order bandpass custom designed by Pete (Hexibase)

its more that i need it up and out of the way like the stealth box or a factory
would it be up and out of the way

I'm curious about this too... Does the factory box hold a 10 or an 8? Where does the box go/location? And any pics anywhere?

That stealth box was $600.00...

my thoughs exactly i dont want a 600 box for a 100 sub amp combo

I'm gonna peak around the back of the vehicle to see if there are any areas that a sub could be concealed. Still don't know what the enclosure looks like...

factory sub is 8 inches. best bet is to make your own stealthbox. that way you can put whatever sub you want in it and you wont be paying $600. here is a pic of mine.

if you want to go with the factory enclosure, i work with a distributor and i can get any mtx product for wholesale and they make 8 inch subs. take a look on their website and let me know if you see anything you like.


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There is a lot of space behind the rear panels...I see in my head a fiberglass enclosure behind the panel with a speaker grill on the panel

I'm gonna look... tap around with a screwdriver, gotta be something.

I found only an area over the right rear wheel... a vent. If you look inside, there is a connector and various wires.

I'm in the process of doing this my self. Right Rear is the factory location. You can get subs on ebay, found mine for $18 sub/amp plus shipping. You will also need a new trim panel to get the speaker grill. They are expensive new $250 junkyard maybe $125. Also the wiring, i have yet to check to see if the sub wiring is mostly there or not its not behind the radio for sure. Although i can always run new wire to from the radio to the sub. Left Rear is where the backseat A/C is no room.