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Factory sub box


September 23, 1999
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I was wondering if anybody knows if a company makes any aftermarket sub boxes that fit in the cubby hole on the side of the cargo area. I would rather get an OEM sub box but none of the wreckers have them and the Ford dealers around me say that they can't get them in anymore. Did the OEM sub box come in only the Eddie Bauer ? Thanks

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The factory subwoofer is not limited to Eddie Bauer models. You will find the subwoofer enclosure with the Mach Audio System in '98-'00 Explorers, or with the Ford JBL system in '97 and earlier models (there were revisions to the subwoofer enclosure for 1998).

The Mach Audio System is Standard equipment on the Explorer Limited, optional on Eddie Bauer and XLT. Somewhere between 20-35% of Explorers get this option. On Mercury Mountaineer, the rate is much higher - about 65% of them.



custom sub enclosures

Well ya have Q-logic and MTX Thunderforms. The MTX can come with a buit-in amp. Check them out at www.crutchfield.com . If ya go with Q-forms the cheapest I've seen it is at www.sounddomain.com . Crutchfield is the only place I've seen the MTX thunderform

There's also the aftermarket box made by MTX I believe. If I was adding a sub to my truck, I would go with something larger than 8", which is the largest you can fit in there. Wait, I did, and I got 2 10"s ;)

Hmm, you could put an 8" in there and mount another one on top of it isobarically. That might actually work.

Ru, you beat me by 10 seconds! hmph!

A third option is a Stealh Box made by JL Audio.. A bit pricey, but supposed to be worth it. I'm in the process of installing mine. Waiting on an amp from ebay...

BTGW, it's a 10" sub that in in the JL, MTX and the QLogic boxes.

Take care,

Johnny K

I agree with Johnny K

You cannot beat the JL Stealthbox. It outperforms all other enclosures that fit in the side compartment.

The advantage of JL Audio stealthbox is that JL oprimizes the enclosure for each vehicle. WHen JL designs a stealthbox for a vehicle, they maximize all of the available air space. Then they listen and perform tests with all of the subwoofers from the different JL Audio lines of woofers (W0, W1, W3, W6, etc). Whichever woofers performs best in that enclosure is the woofer that goes into the stealthbox for that particular vehicle.

One other to note for those of you who are not familar with JL Audio.....JL has never lost a head-to-head comparison test in any of the major car audio magazines.

good luck,


Here's a couple good links!

http://www.jlaudio.com (that was too easy!)


The second is a site that shows some pics of an install with some basic instructions..

The JL site will have pics and you can download the PDF instructions and specs for the box..

Good luck!!

Johnny K
Cleveland, OH

One correction to the second site I mentioned.. It states the box has a 8 ohm speaker.. In reality it's a 4 ohm.. FYI..


Originally posted by Johnny K
Here's a couple good links!

http://www.jlaudio.com (that was too easy!)

Good luck!!

Johnny K
Cleveland, OH

Yeah that was too easy...duh! on my part! That's good info..looks nice, anyone know where to buy it or have any pricing ideas?

I got mine on Ebay.. I had to buy the bolts, lock washers and fender washers from Sears Hardware and a grille ($10) from a local stereo shop. Use undercoating on the installed bolts to protect from rust on the newly drilled holes. A bit harder to install without the drilling template, but take your time and measure twice, drill once! Be sure the trim fits in the same screw holes before drilling!

If you want new, check with local dealers.. I think there's a dealer locator on JL's site.

Otherwise, do a search on ebay for stealth box and stealthbox (no space) Otherwise thunderform (MTX version) or Qlogic and q logic and q-logic for the Qlogic version.. They show up from time to time..

Expect to pay $250 - $395 for used to new.. I did see a guy that was selling new for $310-$325 on ebay, but that was a while back..

Good luck.. I'm still waiting on my amp to fire the puppy up!

Take care,