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factory sub box


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January 21, 2002
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Cleveland, Ohio
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'04 XLT
Is the factory sub box good enough if I purchase a new sub and amp?
I have a 97 xlt without the factory sub and amp. I am planning on going to a junk yard and finding the factory box. Then replacing the sub and amp. Will the factory box sound good? And if so will I need to get any additional hardware? Are there any sub/amp suggestions within a $300 price limit or do you suggest getting an all new box/amp/sub for that same price?
Thanks for your suggestions.

this is for my girlfriends... so no the JL's are'nt for sale!!

Hey, Ive got an MTX enclosure that I bought for my eddie bauer but it wont work so if you want it email me at ac11069@yahoo.com