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Factory tonneau cover mount hole questions


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July 28, 2011
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2002 Heavily Modified ST
I bought a factory Tonneau Cover today. Got all the bolts, hardware, etc.

There are 3 bolt holes, creating a upside down triangle.

Inside the top 2 bolt holes that are parallel with each other, there are stupid rubber pins in them, that must have been put there to prevent rusting for those not equipped with the factory tonneau cover (like me.)

I took a screw driver to lift up one end of the top of the pin, and then tried needle nose pliers to pull the whole pin out.

Just the head ripped off, leaving a rubber pin inside the hole preventing me from screwing a bolt in.

What am I doing wrong here? :scratch:

Same thing happened to me. I had to use a needle nose to get the pieces out that remained.

Thanks, that worked.

No problem.