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Factory Trailer plug/ installing trailer wires


April 7, 2008
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Louisburg, KS
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94 XLT 4x4
We have a 94 XLT 4x4 and are going to be pulling a boat with it. We need to put a 4 prong plug on it, but we did discover a plug under Passenger side bumper. I have tried every plug Walmart, Oriellys, & United Boats had with no luck. The only connector we found that plugged into it, was a "T" connection but we couldn't find another plug on drivers side to connect other side.

Not to mention there is no juice running to this plug. We turned on lights & blinkers and could get nothing. Does anyone have a clue what this plug is for, and if it is for trailers why is it not hot? Possible blown Fuse? If so where would this be found. We looked under dash and under hood but saw nothing indicating it was for trailer lights.

How do we know if our Explorer has the tow package? Are there any tell tale signs we can look for. I just never realised how many differant trailer light connectors there are!! If we need to just re-wire and start from scratch, any tips on would be welcome.

Its a manual so I read we should put an engine oil cooler & transmission cooler on it?

Thanks so much, I am just frustrated with this wiring harness under this truck.

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Well if your truck does have the towing package then the trailer harness would be under the drivers side rear bumper

Can't anyone help out on this matter. Possible reasons why the round plug under passenger side does not have power? How about a plug that will convert it to a 4 prong? We got the boat about ready for the water, the lights on truck is going to be our hold up.

Please anyone have suggestions? We can't even cut that plug off and put on a new one because there is no power at all to this factory plug.

Unless a '94 is different, every other 1st gen that's been discussed had the trailer connector in the driver's side frame rail near the bumper, not the passenger side. It's an 8 pin connector (on pin not used). The first suggestion is to identify what connector you are looking at.

Please anyone have suggestions? We can't even cut that plug off and put on a new one because there is no power at all to this factory plug.[/QUOTE]

Try this two sites


My trailer wiring plug on 94 EX with tow package is located 18" to the Right of the tow ball and 6" forward of the rear bumper, don't care what Hoppy says.

I geuss the 94's are different cuz my trailer wiring harness is on the drivers side and in the jack storage area was the connector to convert it to a 4-prong plug.

Yea found the plug we need on trailerwiring.com. We also discovered we do have the Tow Package on our Explorer. The one without tow package had the "T" connection.

Thank you all so much!! I have been looking for this part for a week now, and have stumped several people.

Now to figure out where the fuse is that powers the plug since its dead. Found a fuse box under the hood on passenger side, and inside under stearing wheel. We just have no clue where to look for this fuse. Chiltons manual was no help when it came to trailer lights. Either was the Explorer owners manual. If you can help, we would appreciate it, I am ordering the converter plug tonight.

On my '92, there's an 8 pin round connector in the driver's frame rail close to the bumper. Your trailer adaptor would plug into that connector. The trailer lights are powered by relays in the driver's side rear panel, next to the 4x4 shift module and rear washer reservoir. Years ago I posted a generic wiring diagram to understand how the trailer lights work in the Explorer.

I dont know if this helps or not