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fading trim pieces

Guys, I have a 96 EB and the black exterior trim pieces are fading(I live in Florida). I have seen this on alot of Explorer and Expeditions around here. Any idea the cost of getting them repainted? Should I go with flat or gloss for the repaint? Thanks.

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Try using Stoners Trim Shine or Megiuars Endurance on black trim. I use those products on my black trim and it really brings out the shine.

These are actually painted. They are located behind the driver and passenger windows, and also in the back on either side of the tailglass. The rear is metal. The sun has damaged them badly, and no polish will help. They have to be painted.

So they are not the plastic trim parts then? Sounds like you will have to remove them and have them repainted. If it was the plastic trim then there are sites that sell stuff to fix them back up. Things like wax can ruin the black plastic trim but when I was on auto-pia I saw them selling some stuff that fixes that.

thats why when we looked for a used explorer we got a 98 because the 97- with that rear window gettup is notoriouse in florida for fading and it looks like crap that was the main reason i got a 98 with the new better looking rear end.....You can have it painted verry easily...i have actually seen some one rattle can it and clear it and it turned out fine(it was a white 96) i also think if you waxed those peices sence they are a painted piece and there is metal underneath that waxing them when you get them painted will prolong the finish on the....also i think they actually make covers for them frokm JC whitney that are 3m tape and a new plastic piece for both sides that covers the fading.

Any ideas on cost of having them painted professionaly? We are moving back to Atlanta, so hopefully this problem will not come back.

I have a 94, and all the plastic trim was badly faded...(trim between drivers and passengers door, mirrors, dorr handles, and sides of tailgate.

I sanded, primed, and painted them with rattle cans of colour matched Duplicolor then clear coated them, turned out nice

I just had my truck repainted and they re-did the black trim parts. i asked them what they use.......rattle can flat black.

Did they clearcoat it?

No, since the paint they used didn't require it.

there is a product called "back to black" there is also a product called "colorx" it has brought my 94 explorer black parts back to almost normal. It leaves alittle to be desired but it works nicely. probably work even better on newer cars. Anyone have any ideas on now ot get the plastic grill, molding and mirrors on the 94 explorers darker black the plastic started to fade.

yeah back to black is some good stuff works nice on all black trim painted or plastic and gives the grill guard a nice new look finish

dmr1203 said:
Any ideas on cost of having them painted professionaly? We are moving back to Atlanta, so hopefully this problem will not come back.

Just curious, but how is moving to ATL going to keep the problem from coming back. The sun shines just as hard in ATL as it does in FL.

$75 bucks at Macco gets you the panels you are talking about, the trim around the windows, door handles, and I think wiper arms and roof rack. In my case I needed all of them painted, so it may be cheaper in your case, they just rattle can it though. It looked great and has held up for a year and half now. Dont know about long term but its Macco so...

As soon as the humidity drops here in Tulsa, Oklahoma I'm going to do the same. I'm using Krylon semi-flat. I used semi-flat on the rear tailgate pieces last year and it turned out nice, but this time I'm going to prime everything. I dk if I'm going to clear coat it tho. Won't that make it too shiny?

Hey. my trim is fading to a pink coloR. will those sprays still work?!?