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Fake Eddie Bauer?


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December 12, 2004
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Kitchener, Ontario
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91EB, 91EB, 92XLT
Lately people have been asking me "didnt eddie bauers come with...." because my dad just bought a 92 XLT and I have a 91 EB.

But it seems he has a lot more options than I do. He's got a limited slip diff, power seats, command seating or whatever, towing package and it had a stock CD player.

I have ghetto cloth seats that looks like they were pulled from a base model. But they do have eddie bauer stitched into the head rest. I dont have limited slip, my truck had a tape player, no towing package and no power seats.

Is this a fake or were eddie bauers just really sad in 91? I'm gonna do some more research with the VIN tomorrow.

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Some Eddie Bauers don't have leather, and the gearing/carrier have nothing to do with the model.

Your VIN number should tell you whether or not yours was an Eddie Bauer model. You may have to call Ford and give them your VIN number to verify it.


huskyfan23 said:
Some Eddie Bauers don't have leather, and the gearing/carrier have nothing to do with the model.

I had a 91 EB w/ no leather, no CD, no tint, no sun roof. Some of the 1st EBs off the line were like that

my 91 eb has leather and lumbar seats sunrooft towing package the track lock rear diff or whatever allmost all options i have a aftermarket cd player almost forgot the engine heater thing

These are the standard fetures for the 91 EB

Each style of a vehicle model comes with its own set of standard features - with higher-end styles having more standard features and thus fewer options.

These are the features that are included on this particular style of this vehicle. To see the features that come with other styles of this vehicle, check the Standard Features page for those styles.
Captain Chairs (2) Power Brakes
Rear Window Defroster Tinted Glass
Two-Tone Paint 4.0L V6 OHV 12V FI Engine
15 Inch Wheels 5-Speed Manual Transmission
Automatic Locking Hubs Clock
Tachometer Alloy Wheels
Rear-Wheel ABS Cloth Seats
Cruise Control Power Steering
Tilt Steering Wheel Leather Steering Wheel Trim
Intermittent Windshield Wipers Power Windows
Privacy Glass Rear Window Wiper
Power Door Locks Power Exterior Mirrors
Roof Rack AM/FM Audio System

I believe that in 1991 and 1992, if you had the factory wheels with the holes (like the american racing outlaw 2 style) not the 5 spoke, that meant that the truck had 3:73 gears with limited slip and the tow package. if you had 5 spoke wheels it meant 3:55's, same with the 1992 5 spoke tan painted eb wheels.

My 91 came with a factory moon roof, a tape deck, cloth seats, and tow package.


Most of the fake eddie bauers in the baltimore area were xlts from the dealer, they would just paint the rocker panel area tan, and most of the time the tan did not travel over the fenders, and if it did, they would still leave the black xlt bumper pads on both bumpers. I have even seen these done with explorers that have gray interiors.

I have a '91 EB with 5 spoke rims and 3:73 limited slip ...

The limited slip (along with auxillary tranny cooler and other things) was part of the towing package I believe, rims weren't part of the towing package