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FAKRWEE Navajo 44 swap

My new front end got in today. It's a custom Dynatrac 44 front axle assembly.

List of goodies include:
Reverse cut housing upgrade
Warn premium manual locking hub set
30 spline 3/4 ton alloy steel axles
Upgraded Disc brake Ass. 5.5.5
Ford coil spring bracketry
5:13 gears-reverse cut
ARB 3.92+ ver.
1310 dana 44 u-bolt style yoke
Heavy duty ends package
Heavy duty steel dif. cover
High clearance steering package
Width= 62 in.

I saved my pennies for quite awhile to be able to afford it but she's a beauty. I almost feel like not installing it.

I hope the pictures come out my battery started going dead.

The installer is fourxDr. in Burbank and Winter's designing the radius arms. We know they will be wristed but will not have pin's like bc broncos. I'll include pictures as we go along. Today they took apart the front end. I'm hoping the job will take about a month.:bounce:


  • left side 1.jpg
    left side 1.jpg
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Look what I found, cool site. Navajo?, I dont think it will be done before then. Guess Tom will have to show up in my jeep. HaHa. That will look good in the photo. (Lime green) :D:D

Originally posted by FAKRWEE
Thanks Rick. It's been pretty rough.

For sure I'll see you in T-Haven, with the Navajo:D

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Well, Well if it isn't the 4x4Dr. himself. One of the best SAS builders in the game. Too bad he's getting senile. He tends to lose track of time:D

Doc I'm showing up in the Navajo even if you have to tow me all over T-Haven in that Lime Green Heap, Ha.

Well after almost 2 mos. I have a progress report.:D It looks like the Navajo should be finished in 2-3 weeks.:p
A lot of problems have been solved and progress made.

For you Tech guys I'll try and list problems and solutions and for you visual guys a ton of pictures.:confused:

When I started the SAS one of my main goals was to get as much travel as possible. With The IFS travel was 60% rear and 40% front. My goal was more like 50-50% to have a more balanced rig. Droop in front was no problem, the trick was improving up-travel. The problem was further complicated by the 37X12.50X17 BFG MT size tire and wheels I wanted. Those suckers are huge.

Some of the problems and solutions:

1-At full stuff the tire was rubbing the floor board and inner fenders. The inner fenders could be cut away but the floor board was more complex. We tried moving the axle as far foward as possible but the limiting factor were the coil buckets. On the driver side the frame bends out limiting how far you can move the bucket.

We decided to go with King coilover shocks and build the hoops up into the engine compartment (that was another problem). This permited the axle to be moved as far foward as needed and avoid tire contact with the floorboard. The inner fenders could be cut out. Pics.

2-The engine compartment is so cluttered that installing hoops looked impossible. The 3 main problems were
a-Battery was in the way
b-Airfilter had to be moved
c-Master cylinder plumbing

a-We tried relocating the battery under the rig where the stock fuel tank used to be but that didn't work. The solution was simple. We made a new battery bracket and changed the direction of the battery. Factory position is length wise side to side. We moved it length wise front to rear giving us lateral room. I'll post pics.

b-Airfilter was in the way. We iliminated the box and tried moving it foward but battery was in the way. The solution was building brackets and moving open air filter and MAS to driver side. Pics.

c-By moving the axle foward and some tube bending we were able to keep the master cylinder in stock position and not interfere with the hoops. Pics.

We had some secondary problems that we solved and I took pics of.

1st. pic is front view high steer and rods.


  • 1-frt. shot susp..jpg
    1-frt. shot susp..jpg
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Close up.


  • 2-closeup frt susp..jpg
    2-closeup frt susp..jpg
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Trac bar bracket axle.


  • 3-closeup trac bar bracket.jpg
    3-closeup trac bar bracket.jpg
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Close up tie rod ends and drag link.


  • 4-closeup tie rod and drag link.jpg
    4-closeup tie rod and drag link.jpg
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Trac bar bracket.


  • 5-close up trac bar bracket side.jpg
    5-close up trac bar bracket side.jpg
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Trac bar bracket on frame.


  • 6-tracbar bracket frame.jpg
    6-tracbar bracket frame.jpg
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Different view.


  • 7-trackbar brk. closeup  frame.jpg
    7-trackbar brk. closeup frame.jpg
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I know a lot of you have asked questios about the trac bar mount, hope this helps.


  • 8-trac bar brk. closeup frt..jpg
    8-trac bar brk. closeup frt..jpg
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King coilover shocks with remotes. They are 16' travel and about 36' long.


  • 9-king laying down.jpg
    9-king laying down.jpg
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This pic will give you a better idea of size.


  • 10-king upright.jpg
    10-king upright.jpg
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Engine compartment hoops.


  • 12-engine compartment-hoops.jpg
    12-engine compartment-hoops.jpg
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Driver side hoop. Close fit PS.


  • 14-engine dr. side hoop.jpg
    14-engine dr. side hoop.jpg
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Top bracket hoop.


  • 15-closeup top brk. hoop.jpg
    15-closeup top brk. hoop.jpg
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Close up of how close the hoop is to the master cylinder plumbing. Once the coil adjuster is tightened it should have plenty of clearance.


  • 16-closeup master cyl. hoop.jpg
    16-closeup master cyl. hoop.jpg
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Inner fender liner removed. Have to relocate cables.


  • 17-inner fender lining removed.jpg
    17-inner fender lining removed.jpg
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Shot of battery in new position with hoop clearance.


  • 18-relocate battery & hoop.jpg
    18-relocate battery & hoop.jpg
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New position for Air filter and MAS bracket on driver side instead of passenger side.


  • 19-relocate airfilter & mas.jpg
    19-relocate airfilter & mas.jpg
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Passenger side bottom hoop.


  • 20-pass. side hoop frame.jpg
    20-pass. side hoop frame.jpg
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