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FAKRWEE Navajo 44 swap

My new front end got in today. It's a custom Dynatrac 44 front axle assembly.

List of goodies include:
Reverse cut housing upgrade
Warn premium manual locking hub set
30 spline 3/4 ton alloy steel axles
Upgraded Disc brake Ass. 5.5.5
Ford coil spring bracketry
5:13 gears-reverse cut
ARB 3.92+ ver.
1310 dana 44 u-bolt style yoke
Heavy duty ends package
Heavy duty steel dif. cover
High clearance steering package
Width= 62 in.

I saved my pennies for quite awhile to be able to afford it but she's a beauty. I almost feel like not installing it.

I hope the pictures come out my battery started going dead.

The installer is fourxDr. in Burbank and Winter's designing the radius arms. We know they will be wristed but will not have pin's like bc broncos. I'll include pictures as we go along. Today they took apart the front end. I'm hoping the job will take about a month.:bounce:


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    left side 1.jpg
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Well project got stalled. We're going in a whole different direction now. I'll have pictures on Friday.;)

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Well time flies. we're still working on the front suspension. We've eliminated the Bronco/Range Rover combination due to binding and are working on a 4 link setup with King coilovers into the engine compartment. I'll have a better report and more pictures this week.:D


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That was the pumkin at full stuff. You can see how much we've cut.


  • 2-beefeduprods.jpg
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We've beefed up the tie rod, drag link and track bar.


  • 3-thickrods.jpg
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Tie rod ends.


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Start of the four link jig Driver side.


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All I can say Tom is that I hope you have a deal for free labor like I do:eek:

Old brackets.


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Steering ram.


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You'll love the hydro steer! I tried mine for the first time on the trail last weekend. It's amazing being able to turn a totally locked rig lock to lock and have it feel like regular power steering:D No more ARB bind!

I kinda lucked out Rick. Mike the owner of 4X4Dr. has taken on the project very personaly. We sort of reached an agreement where I'm not in a hurry and he can work on his day to day stuff and make money. He does a lot of things after hours and on weekends and Winter is helping him. When we settle the account it'll be based on the finished job and not the pre-work to get there. He's also hoping to get a write up in one of the off road magazines. :p What I am trying to figure out is how to rent a second home down in Arizona.:D

Perfect Tom! Sounds like a great deal :D

You always have a place to stay when you are in AZ.
No need to buy a home just buy some beers and all is good.

Went yesterday to see the Navajo. Work is going slow but going. We have the final 4 links fabbed and installed. They have a lot of work on them and are bad ass. Upper link is 25'' long and uses 2'' jhonny joints, lower link is 26'' long and uses TJ Bushings. Both are 1 1/4'' Chromemoly as are the brackets. Exhaust was removed to facilitate mounting upper link and custom exhaust will be fabbed.

We were able to reach our target of 30 in'' wheel travel without binding or breaking anything. (Without tires)
The next problem is trying to figure out how much uptravel I can really use so we can figure out the size of the remote coilovers. At this point it looks like 12''-14'' coilovers max. Any bigger and the mounting towers will have to go through the hood.

To mount the towers in the engine compartment I had to eliminate the old air filter and rig up an open air element closer to the radiator. On the driver side the master cylinder plumbing is in the way. We either have to re-plumb the fittings to the other side or find another Explorer master cylinder that's plumbed toward passenger side.

To get the max uptravel I'm eliminating all type of inner fenders including the inner metal one. The problem will be relocating brackets, hoses and electrical cables but is doable.

Still have a long way to go but am confident it will be one hard core sum bich:D

Well here are some pics.:smoke:

First one is full droop passenger side.


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Close-up drivers bracket.


  • ddrooplinkaxle.jpg
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Trac bar axle mount.


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rear bracket passenger side.


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Lotta cutting going on.


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Full articulation with links on.


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