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False Floor Box


January 30, 2004
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98 XLT
i am thinking about making a false foor box. by false floor box i mean a box that will cover the whole floor of the storage area(the back). It will be about a foot deep and then i will put the speakers in then about 4 inches above that i want another board to use as the "floor". i am still gonna have holes open where the speakers are but i will have grills over them. the reason i want things like this is so that i can still use my entire back storage area and not have it all taken up by a speaker box. I want to go with 4 10' Kicker Solo-Barics but if the foot isnt deep enough for them i want 5 8' Kicker Solo-Barics.
if yall can picture this in your minds do you think it will work and do you think that is a good idea seeing that space is an issue.

any thoughts or input is greatly appreicated

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Bleh.. a foot off the ground is around %60-70 of the high between the floor and top of back seats (around 17-20" to top of seats). I really don't see this helping the cargo area much. All it would need is a big bag and it could either tumble around or totally block your entire view out the back.

Personally... if you're going to put in 4 subs, I don't see how you should care for cargo space...

If you just want some bass, put in 2 12s and just a regular pre-fabbed or custom box to extend from side to side, put grills on it, and you'd get a hell lot more room than your original idea.

As much as I like the creativeness of it... the concept (and consensus) is generally.. if you want alot of bass, you should be ready to give up that cargo space. Or do what black magic and a few others did and put it in your back panels if you really want that space..

All I'm saying is, for the amount of bass you want, you shouldn't be giving a dam for cargo...

I could see it working with some really shallow mount drivers.... then you wouldn't need to put the floor a foot up, more like 5-8". If say you raise the floor up a just a bit past the wheelwells, you'd be better off than a real high floor. Maybe the 8"s would fit, but go with an even number of subs as most likely it would create a better ohm load for the typical amp.

One issue of major concern is making sure it all seals real well.
Fumes, moisture stuff like that are things you don't want creaping inside your Ex.

It sounds like a lot of work, but why the heck not ?

any one have a link to putting subs in the back pannels?

Originally posted by MONMIX
One issue of major concern is making sure it all seals real well.
Fumes, moisture stuff like that are things you don't want creaping inside your Ex.

It sounds like a lot of work, but why the heck not ?

I dont think he means he is going to cut out the floor... That would take a LOT of fabbing and probably weaken the whole structure of the vehicle =P A good idea tho for the crazy people among us:confused:

I did this in my porsche. I would go with the 8" subs because you can make the box less than a foot tall. Each sub needs like 1.2" of box.

Well, properly placed and done correctly it will not weaken any thing. Just be a very involved project.

I had the same setup in my 91 X with 2 Pioneer 600W 12s with a Soundstream Ref. 500 and it pounded like hell. It would shake the steering wheel and move the roof. I fit the box to fit tight between the wheel wells the full length of the back and was covered with a board that was cut to outline the back area. I had about 1" to cover it with the stock plastic cover(to hide the equipment). The port was the same width as the box running 1" along the inside of the box then came up along the rear(1.5" wide) exiting up by the rear window. Too bad the truck got broken in to.:mad:

It is true, you loose any space in the rear but it sounds great. You would do fine for space because I had the 2 12's and had the 2 amps(1 Ref 404 running fronts, Ref 500) mounted in a rack built into the box and was exposed under the top board.