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false floor project!


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October 31, 2002
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Dimondale, Michigan
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'92 GT, '93 Limited
Howdy. Over winter break here I've been thinking about mods for my '92 XL 4 door, 4 door stick that's currently in winter storage...

I thought of building a false/sub floor for the cargo area. It would be as wide as the interior in the back, and stretch from the tailgate to the back of the backseats. I don't want to mount things such as my Pioneer XM tuner, inverter, etc just right in the back because I still have to move cargo sometimes (V4 engines, cement, etc).

I try to call it a flase floor and not a "sub" floor because I don't intend on using it for subwoofers. My sub will eventually be a 10'' in that custom enclosure that goes where the JBL/little net thing go. Anyway...

I'm thinking to install it over the carpet. 2x4s or 2x6s for a base, then chipboard or plywood on top of that, put together with screws. Ill run a couple carriage bolts through the real floor to anchor it down. To display the stuff within the floor, I'll cut out some of the plywood and install plexiglas to display the goodies. I can fill it up with blue cathodes etc. This section will be hinged so access is easy. In other more remote parts of the sub floor, I intend on putting other stuff like a fuse block to run the stuff and audio/video wires. The wood will be covered with mocha carpet like the rest of the interior. A couple computer type fans will be installed so my amp etc can keep cool. If y'all think it's needed, I'll make room for better ventilation (I'm thinking like household HVAC grates)

Oh yeah, for the best functionality and uniqueness, I'll add a couple household type electrical outlets for the inverter.

Because plexiglas isn't that thick or strong, I will make provisions for a piece of plywood to be easily and readily installed when I have to haul heavy cargo.

So what do you all think!? Thanks.

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Nice Idea

I'd like to mfr a sectional somewhat using the same idea as yours. Either full seat down 2 part config or the back part only w back seats raised. Im sure someones done this b4. Maybe compartments for safety/camp gear, jack, coolies,etc. I dont have any lectronic stuff to hide (or display).

You still plan on carrying V4s, cement, etc? You need more serious structure support IMO to keep the clean look of subfloor support and your showables. Rent/borrow a trainler for that odd HD chore. Good luck and anxious to see your progress. Happy Holidays! :chug:

Thanks for the reply. I'll be sure to do a lot of posting with pix when I get this all materialized. I think it will be strong enough with several 2x6s. I guess that making a separate compartment for stuff like jumper cables, tow rope, oil, fire extinguisher, etc would be nice too. I forgot about that. My stuff is currently in an oil case that's bungie-corded to the floor. I just have to avoid having supports where the plexiglas is. I'm not really worried about adding extra weight and I don't think it will be much anyway.

Happy holidays to you and everyone else too.

Gotta be ready to carry those stupid V4s and cement bags (I've had over 700 pounds of cement in the back of it before. It only sat the truck down a little bit)

note: the hinged plexiglas part will be lockable with screws on the inside. I'm not really worried about loosing stuff though, and I have an alarm with pager.

sounds cool, I did a false floor in my old ex and I was very happy w/ it. Be sure to post pics of you're project too :)

Yup, plenty of pix will be taken :thumbsup: