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fan only works on high


August 1, 2009
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Fort Myers, FL
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'94 Navajo LX
my air is cold but the fan only works on high.
i was told it was the blower resistor.
if so where is it located

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thanks im going to check that out right now

the mechanic at my work says that replacing the blower motor resistor cant be replaced alone. is that true?

Your mechanic is wrong.. You can replace the resistor by itself. If your mechanic can't/won't then its time to find another mechanic.


The resistor is in there pretty tight if you are referring to just the electrical component. If you were decent at soldering I expect you could cut out the old resistor and solder in a new one. I got a new resistor assembly at the junkyard for $3.00.

The blower motor resistor is a replaceable part. One connector and 2 screws hold it in.


Its < $20 at


Absolutely do it yourself! No mechanic needed!

They sell the resistor/thermistor as a unit,less than $20 at most auto parts stores. The real issue is that the thermistor went out, allowing only high-speed fan. You can't solder a thermistor because to get temperature hot enough to solder, you blow the thermistor or two, the thermister operates at a high enough temperature that it melts the solder so it has to be crimp-locked to the terminal. It's an easy job to replace the unit. Remove the plug at the fan motor housing, it's located on the passenger-side of the engine back next to the firewall. Remove connector, remove two screws, remove resistor board, replace and reverse procedure to reconnect.

The thermistor is that torpedo shaped thing in the center of the assembly, white on one end of a metal cylinder.
Please do yourself a favor- do the repair yourself and save a bundle of money!

Wow, someone quoted me in their sig......

Sorry, just had to comment....

I now return you to your orgional subject....

(guess i should read the post now huh?)


What Maniak said, he's always right....

And what fixxxer said, he's mostly always right (and will always be right if he ever becomes a mod)

Ok, end of totaly useless post on my part....

Oh, and BTW, I've never done this on a FORD, but on my Trans Am when this happened it took like 5 mins. That included removing the one I had, get the one out of my parts car, and putting it back in.....

Course didn't fix my problem...I found out it was a hard wiring issue and not the resistor, looked mostly just like that pic Maniak put up.

And fixxxer, if I didn't really know better, I would almost have to ask if the thermistor runs on blinker your going to go make me google something aren't you.... thermistor..... to funny to be untrue! LOL, learn something new every day...(I did google it)