Fancy Ford In Dash Radio RZ5984LP Possible for 2002 Explorer Sport Trac? | Ford Explorer Forums - Serious Explorations

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Fancy Ford In Dash Radio RZ5984LP Possible for 2002 Explorer Sport Trac?


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June 8, 2015
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2002 Explorer Sport Trac

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It probably won't be plug n play as far as wires go and most likely would need to modify the radio bezel to fit- for a double din to fit

But it might be possible with extra work.

This would fit 07-10 STs, but not 01-05s. You would be better off with a traditional Double DIN, which would require fewer modifications to the bezel area.

Thanks for the responses.

Sorry I forgot to add originally in the message that I know it is stated that it isn't compatible.

I would assume that was due to the bezel.

How complicated would doing the wiring be if they weren't compatible?

Kjhadfield response has me intrigued.

My response wasn't because I know about the wiring or modifications needed to fit- but anything can be done if your willing.

If it were me, I would want a more plug and play but willing to do slight modifications to make something fit. I'll be getting a nice dd someday but until then stock will have to do

I just did a radio to navigation swap in my 2010 F350 and I'll say there was a rats nest of wires back there to control all of the voice commands, sat radio, aux lines and steering wheel controls. There were only 2 wires for Ford Sync and another for my tailgate camera that you wouldn't have to worrry about. Basically, I was dealing with 6 or 7 connectors with ribbon wires coming out of them. Granted it was pretty simple in the end because I was swapping in a factory nav unit, but ,y truck is a Lariat and was already setup to work with everything.

Personally, I would just go for a double din that is made for our Tracs.