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FAQ: Posting/Editing Pictures...

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Adding images to your posts:
(Thanks to yob_yeknom!)

1. Find the picture on the internet, not on your computer, that you would like to have in your post.

2. Right click on the picture.

3. Select Properties, an info box will pop up.

4. Copy the entire URL next to the Address line.

5. On the Post Reply screen, click the IMG button above the reply box.

6. Paste the copied URL into the box that pops up, and click OK.

Need a place to put your pictures on the internet so you can post them?
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1. Click on Upload Photos on the right of the screen above the list of photo forums.

2. Choose what category the photo belongs in. DO NOT CHOOSE MAIN.

3. Click Browse and find the file on your computer.

4. Give the photo a title.

5. Add some keywords to find it when searching.

6. Give a description so we will know what we are looking at.

7. Select if you want an email notification when someone posts a reply to your photo or not.

8. Click Upload/Submit.

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