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November 23, 2010
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Greenville, SC
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2002 Eddie Bauer
Since the explorer is out of commission, Im buying an 01 dodge 2500 w/ the cummins... Yall have helped me out ALOT in the past so I want to say THANKS!
Its been real, and it's been fun... Just aint been real fun!! JK

Thanks guys!

BTW: If anybody in the southeast is interested in buying my X when its fixed give me holler!

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this coulda been the opportunity for a third gen part out jk
good luck with the new truck

have fun wit the dodge, when i got my ST, it came down to it and a quad cab 1500. cool truck but i couldnt pick it over a ford! plus, the 1500 wouldnt fit in my garage. take it easy bro!

Dang that sucks .... but I wish the best for ya .... take it easy and I hope to see ya in SC

good luck with ur new truck u got pics of the cummins

All the best mate, sad to here about your rig and hope the newy gives some joy. Drop back in anytime amigo.

Woah what happened to it??

Im still stickin around, 43 i hydrolocked it and bent a connecting rod,


id give up my ex for that anyday, haha. sweet truck jordan! tell whoever buys your ex to join the website

Ah dang man that sucks :( nice truck though, personally I've always liked those.