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fast flashing PATS (anti-theft) light has anyone ever fixed it themselves?


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October 25, 2008
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98XLT 4WD SOHC,94XLT gone
Hey Guys

I've got a 98 xlt with the PATS anti-theft system. Car had be running fine and then when I went to start it I released the key a little early and the car died and then would not start. I now have a fast flashing PATS light when I try and start it (slow flash with car off). I'm either getting a code of 1 1 or 2 2 (not sure if it is blinking one short pause one then repeating or two with a long pause two and then repeating.

I have tried both keys and have the same results.

Any way I think that I have read through all of the PATS threads (and even tried slamming the steering column up and down) and I can't find any where any one has fixed this short of taking it into the dealer.

Has anyone be able to fix this themselves or should I just call a tow truck and hand over my credit card?


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Looks like the answer is going to be no.

You might try a locksmith.

checked the 3 fuses and figured out that the code is 1 1.

Checked the ford troubleshooting manual and the first thing it say is to hook up a piece of ford test equipment and it that doesn't spit out the answer, to start probing connectors way up in the dash for voltages. So I think that I have one more thing that I can check before I have it towed.

Earlier in the week I had removed the air bag and replaced the light bulbs in the cruise control. The car had started ok and ran fine several times after i did that work but once I get back home I think that I'll pull the air bag again and make sure nothing came loose in the steering column.

Just to post a follow up on this. Had to have car towed to dealer. Cost about $300 to fix (plus towing). The transceiver module had to be replaced (which I expected) and they also said that one of the two keys was bad (Couldn't get it to work with the new module). So had to pay for a new key. Spent way more on Labor than on parts. But even if I had bought the transceiver module and installed it myself I still would not have been able to reprogram the new one/ keys. So in the case of the anti theft system about all you can do yourself is check the fuses then take it to the dealer.