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Faulty fuel gauge on 04 Explorer


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December 16, 2010
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Twin Falls, Idaho
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Explorer 04 XL
Hello all,
My question is about my Explorer's fuel gauge. About 6 months ago I was driving when my check gauges light lit up, i noticed that my fuel gauge showed empty. I pulled into a gas station and started to fuel, it only took a few gallons to top off. Since that day my fuel gauge never has shown a correct reading and my check gauges and service engine lights come on and off sporadically. Someone told me that there is a sensor in my fuel tank that i would have to replace to fix the problem(expensive mechanic bill). Is there any other things to check before dropping $600 to have the sensor replaced in the fuel tank? Thanks for any help in advance.

you can try adding chevron/techtron to fill ups. to see if it clears the card up and prevents the repair.

That might clean up the sensor in the tank? Any other ideas if that doesnt solve it?