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Faux chrome grille

started cracking and peeling so i decided to get rid of it. i picked up a can of plastic cleaner, a butt load of sandpaper, primer, and black trim paint and went to work.
pull out the corner maker lights:

because there is one wee little screw that holds in the grille that is inaccessible other wise:

the corner pieces as far as i can tell are just chrome coated. used some 180 grit to scuff it up

the grille has a chrome coating that after a razor blade and a little cussing came right off. be careful this stuff is sharp!

hung and primed

thats as far as i've got tonight. i'll post more pictures tomorrow when i'm done. so far this project has been pretty easy, hopefully it will stay that way.

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here's day two:
this paint is the absolute best:

first coat


3rd coat

wet sand after fifth coat

one last coat

put the all important badge back on

this is the location of that god awful hidden screw




over all it wasnt to bad time wise and it was cheap. just the kind of thing i was looking for.

did that to mine last fall...already needs a redo after all of the gravels getting kicked up into it though...

i used a flat clear coat over it. hopefully that will keep the road debris at bay for a while

Looks sharp. Nice job. You could benefit from a bug deflector on your hood though.

I second the motion--Nice Job! Looks alot better. I have never dug the faux chrome grilles. A Lund Hood Deflector would hide the rock rash on the hood well. Mine is 14 years old, still like new.

yeah I love the way mine looks with the lund hood deflector (got it for only about $10 at advance on sale) and the black grill. I'll keep repainting it each spring if thats what it takes

oh and try painting the gray plastic trim. really makes it look nice!

oh, does anyone elses hood scrape up the top of their painted grills? mine has worn off some of the black

that paint is screwed anyways, i'm going to get it resprayed this summer. i'm going to paint the gray bumper trim too, just cant decide if i want to pain the chrome part of the bumper as well