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Favorite SuperBowl Commercial

ok89, have you tried right clicking the link for the commercial, saving it to your hard drive, and then trying to view it?? It ran fine for me BTW.

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Ahh, SuperBowl Ads!!! :D

My overall vote goes to Bud Light for the spot featuring a falcon trained to retrieve beer. "Where does he get it?" :D

Runner up for me was Quizno's for their spot featuring a woman being tranquilized in a test lab and falling into a Subway sandwich. :D

I also liked Charles Schwab's "Field of Dreams" parody with Hank Aaron trying to talk Barry Bonds into retirement before he overtakes the home run record. M&M's chocolate on the pillow was funny and Britney looked nice in her Pepsi spots. :)

For best "tag line" I vote for AT&T Wireless mlife - "We were meant to lead a wireless life." This during an interesting spot showing people's belly buttons and ending with a baby's umbilical cord being cut. Kinda clever.

Ads I didn't like include Lipton Brisk's stupid puppet spot featuring Danny DeVito. Those things scare me! ;) Then, as mattadams told me, "I'm getting ready to start smoking just to spite those truth ads!" I agree...

Finally, as for the Budweiser Clydesdale spot, I really liked the sentiment. But honestly, I found it cheesy as hell. I know I'll be in the minority on this one, but ces't la vie... :)

Thats it... No patriotism... Next major run I see at least one hour set aside for whoop on Woodley time!!! Anyone else with me???

Dang I guess I should've watched it then. Ah well maybe next year. There were just to many good movies on other channels at that time.

I can't believe no one has said it yet, but c'mon, the Visa commercial where Kevin Bacon mocked the "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon" game...C'mon, that was great...I agree with the other commercials, but I think that one was pretty funny.

Man Chris, you sure were on top of the commercials...made me remember a couple. The Barry Bonds/Hank Aaron one was hilarious. And my goodness, the Pepsi commercials proved what at least I already knew...Britney just gets better with time :p

Originally posted by mmpc
Ahh, SuperBowl Ads!!! :D

but ces't la vie... :)

can i brush up your french? c'est la vie. tres bon!:p

espnfreak: Ah mon ami, c'était mon défaut! :D Oh well, I never did get around to taking French in school... Tomé Español!

TwoTone - I tried to remember them all, but the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" escaped! That was a funny spot, though in my opinion Visa's "I need to see your ID" ad campaign is getting kind of old...

i mustve missed the budweiser clydesdale one, and their site isnt letting me get to it...so my favorite had to be the pepsi ones with britney....and god save me if my girlfriend reads this...but she is just sooo damn hot



Ok- what were you faves from this year?

I vote hands down for "The Force"


That's my favorite so far:biggthump

I also laughed at the House ad after the game.

There have been a lot of takeoff's of the Mean Joe Greene Coke ad, but this was funny... :D


i didnt watch the game, but having just watched all the commercials on youtube the snickers one was the only one that made me chuckle

scratch that, the house ad wins

House and the Force were awesome! I also liked this Doritos commercial, however, the finger sucking commercial was quite gay.

I'll never be able to unsee this one >_<


GoDaddy is really out of ideas.

We get it- web content unrated.

We also get- that there are no naked chicks. Get a new gig, it's boring now.

Tossing in Joan Rivers was just wrong. :p:

Oh, I forgot about this one, very number two to the darth vader kid.