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Feature Truck:7/4/05 Al Franklin "Aldive" 99 XLT

Aldive's Mileage Monster


Al Franklin
Sarasota, FL

1999 Ford Explorer XLT
Metallic chestnut color

30 MPG Highway

4.0 SOHC
Mac intake ( http://www.macperformance.com/ )
C & L MAF ( http://www.bamachips.com/ and http://www.cnlperformance.com/index.shtml )
Flex-a-Lite Black Magic 150 Electric fan ( http://www.flex-a-lite.com/ )
Jacobs wires ( http://go.mrgasket.com/brands.aspx?BrandID=13 )
Amsoil Series 2000 0w-30 Synthetic oil ( Dead Link Removed )
Amsoil dual remote bypass oil filter
Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve ( http://www.fumotovalve.com/ )
Dyno Tuned by Doug Studdard ( http://www.bamachips.com/ )
Custom BamaChips computer programs ( SCT Flasher )
Custom cat back exhaust ( 2 1/2" pipe )
Flowmaster 70 series muffler ( Dead Link Removed )

B&M Auxiliary cooler ( http://www.bmracing.com/ )
Auxiliary ATF filter ( Amsoil filter ) with Cool Collar
Synthetic ATF ( Amsoil )

3.73 LS
Synthetic oil ( Amsoil Series 2000 75w-90 )

Roof rack removed
Painted grill
EE air dam ( http://www.explorerexpress.com/ )
Lund WindJammer ( http://www.lundlook.com/home_lund.aspx )
Shine by Zaino ( http://www.zainostore.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc )
Diamond Clear headlight lenses
SilverStar 9007 headlight bulbs ( http://www.sylvania.com/ )
Diamond clear corners
SilverStar 3157 bulbs
SilverStar fog light bulbs
Fog light mod ( on with high beams )
HD headlight wiring harness ( http://www.suvlights.com/ )
Auxiliary back up lights
Hidden Hitch class III hitch
Billet gas filler cover ( from a Mustang )

Optima Yellow Top battery ( Dead Link Removed )

White faced instruments
115v outlet in rear
Hard wired radar detector ( http://www.escortradar.com/ )

A pillar gage pod
Dakota Digital Tranny temp ( http://dakotadigital.com/ )
Dakota Digital Voltmeter

JVC MP3 HU ( KD SH99 )
Pioneer 6x8 coaxial door speakers rear
MTX Component speakers front ( Dead Link Removed )
Lightning Audio 50 W/ch amp ( Dead Link Removed )
Ski Fi II XM radio ( http://shopdelphi.com/products/consumers/skyfi/ )

Garmin Street Pilot 2620 ( Dead Link Removed )

Rancho 9000x shocks
Poly bushings
EE rear sway bar
Power slot rotors ( http://www.powerslot.com/ )
Synthetic wheel bearing grease ( Amsoil Series 2000 Synthetic Racing Grease )







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Congrats!! Your Explorer is defilently one of a kind with that type of gas mileage! Great job on your Explorer!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Happy April Fools, just kidding.. :D

Congrats man, you have quite a truck!

hey about time some recognition got thrown your way,, still think you need to attach floaties to it incase you get some rising water due to the hurricane season,, hope this year is much smoother then last years weather, how many miles are on that thing? looks like mint!!! Great pics,

First class explorer no doubt.
Likely the best manintained, well kept Explorer on the site.

Congratualtions Al, well deserved.

quite an ex. wish i got that kinda mileage!!!

Congrats Al. Like Monmix said, "Likely the best manintained, well kept Explorer on the site."

That's great! I was just thinking about painting that cover like you did. :cool:

how does one get this feature. for their truck.

you have to be elite..
and you have to have stuff in either the vbgarage or an elite registry for it to be pulled from.

other than that... we just pick one every month or so.. or try to

no need to be modified like crazy

Al... you really shouldn't make babies sleep in the crib in the garage. :D

I have been a fan of this truck since i first started on this site. Definitley a great choice. Congrats Al. Lucky you. You get to have the mileage monster and you get to be featured! Wow! Keep up the great work!

it has been almost a year and Al has not chimed in.