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February Run

On friday the 27th everyone who is going to go, please post it here, I don't want to leave anyone behind and I don't want to wait for someone who is not coming.:D

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Good idea.
Im getting really nervous because my ex is still torn apart and on jack stands... Me and my boyfriend have a lot of work to do the next few days... :(

So who all is pretty sure they will make it?

I think I am still game. The X developed some minor runability issues which seem to be getting worse quickly, But I'll work on it tonight and hopefully all goes well. I will post again to let y'all know. And Snow, I'll throw the tow hooks in the toolbox, but you wil probably have to remind me that they are there:rolleyes:

I just changed my Jet chip for the new dual Apten, otherwise, I think we are road ready, or should that be off road ready?

I can't put hooks on the fron due to the Limited's air dam so don't let me get in a spot where i would need it.

Dreamr, you gotta be there.

What is going on with your rig?


Edit: We're going to almost for sure get the lift done tonight, So I'm still planning on still going tommorow. I will only have 2wd though, but I really want to go so I'll deal with it. I'm going to be at the ferry around 8:15, and for those of us riding the ferry I think we planned on meeting in the front(of the boat) sitting area inside(once we get on). If I'm the only ferry person going please call and let me know. I'm probably not going to have access to a computer the rest of the night. Other than that I'll see you on the 8:45 ferry, or at safeway at 10:30!
here's my cell:

Please call if you need to.

So as of last night, I'm not sure i'll make it. Here's the deal:

Over the past 3 weeks, me and my bf have been working on my ex. Since last saturday we have been lifting it. (also my 4wd is broken and we were going to take the front diff off of his ranger) Well last night we figure out that his rear axle housing is smaller than mine, so we need to bend the U-bolts. big problem because we have nothing to bend them with. my rear shocks were mis-stocked at les schwab so we are waiting till today to put them in, along with my extended brake lines. And then my battery went dead from sitting in his garage for 4 days. So EVERYTHING had been going wrong and last min. Then, to top it off, the a**holes at ford told him the wrong thing about his front diff. His is a D28 and mines a D35, obviously its not going to work. So now, even if we get my truck put back together from the lift, I'm 98% sure im going to be 2WD. :(
Not quite sure what to do now. I guess I'm going to try my hardest to make everything work out and if worst comes to worst I'll run it with 2WD... So, If I'm not on the ferry with everyone else, its because I didn't get it fixed, so don't wait for me.:(

All right, I think that we are all repaired, Going for a test drive, then I will post back.

Good luck getting it all back together Snow, hope you can make it

2 of us basicly stock, and one with 2wd guess that is positive for me who is a newbie to wheelin'. Now I don't have to worry about gettin in too over my head;)

Lastly, so who is really going other than Me, Snow, Albino, and jrgaylor?

I am loading and ready to go, should the need arise here is my cell number 360-451-2725.

Got your numbers, here's mine



All righty then. We are packed and ready. See you all in the morning. Albino and Snow I guess we will be seeing each other on the boat. I'm the young guy in the fisherman's hat with the long blonde pony tail:D I suppose my kid will announce our presence much more loudly though:rolleyes:

Fun had by the three of us.

1 rookie got stuck

1 rookie has some body damage

The veteran kept the carnage to a minimum.

Thanks jrgaylor for hanging with the two young families/rookies.

I'm gald it's dark now so I don't have to look. The gap between right front fender and the door is thinner at the bottom than the top.

Running boards come off next time!:eek: B4 they get ripped off:D

:D What a day!! I really had no clue that my truck could do the things it did today.

Thank You jrgaylor for leading us rookies around, and keeping the trail rash down. I think I am unscathed except for scrathes (hmm new buffer coming up).

Albino it was also good to meet you. Zaira forgot to say good bye, so she sends her love.

:D I NEED LIFT AND 32 OR 33's :D

The nexi few posts are the pics. (I got lots of Albino's trucks rear ):)

Enjoy, And I can'twait to see jrgaylor's videos

Albino 94Ltd stretching a bit


Dreamr sliding off the road:rolleyes: (rookie)


Jrgaylor gettin muddy


The group at the trailhead


Albino 94LTD (after)


Jrgaylor (after)


Dreamr (after)


Well today was alot of fun and everyone made it home safe, I was impressed by how the "stockers" were able to keep up and only had to bust out the recovery gear once, This little adventure should give you more confidence in your explorer, just think what you could do with a little more lift and a traction device, but you know this will lead to more lift,more tires, more traction devices etc..
The thing about the video is it does not capture the moment, so most of all the video I got looks like "ya big deal" and the times when the wheels were off the ground and the rig is rocking I missed it, the only video that came out ok was the little mud puddle I set the tripod up for.
I will post that video here and maybe some more later.

heres the videos

Nothing to big, I wish the video had depth perception(sp?) the video are of medium quality because I have a 2MB file limit.
Albino 94ltd
Dreamr was on the wrong side of the rut, so we busted out the come-a-longs and we were on are way quickly.

The three of us at the bottom of a ravine

Although not from this trip, this picture of the way down of the ravine.

These photos and videos show the terrain typical of Tahuya.

Bummer, sorry I didn't come. Looks like it could of been done in 2wd with my clearance :( Oh well, I'll be rdy next time!

Well it looks like ya'll had fun!! See ya there next time ;)

Gee, you had to pick the only hill I didn't make:rolleyes: That was a nasty little stump. dreamr didn't even try that one. otta love that turning radius, that was my biggest suprise.

I don't know if you could have made it with 2wd , even locked Siekyre. I wouldn't have even tried it but you probably have better skills than I.

I'm going to get a set of those handhelds, then we can pick the best photo ops. I know we went through some stuff that would have looked pretty good on tape.

Just finished cleaning my Pavement Princess. Damage is really minimal. The worst was a hard hit on the front of the passenger side running board. I have a softball sized dent in the rocker panel but it's covered by the tupperware so if you didn't know it was there, you couldn't tell.


I am afraid of all the scratches and scrapes I know are under there.

I did discover a couple point of damage. Nothing too bad though.

Drivers side tupperware is pretty ruffed up and doesn't fit very good any more (bye bye i need rock sliders)

passenger front wheel has a big gouge in the edge, Also a 2 inch slash in my sidewall, still holding air though:rolleyes:(Shiloh warned me about that rock, but it was that or the tree on my side) I did this on the very last hill coming out.

Passenger leaf pack, The bottom leaf doesn't line up, and there is a half a plasticy lookin spacer hanging there. (time for the search feature)

Man my carefully detailed engine is such a mess:rolleyes: What do I need to cover to just hose it down, and i need a water proof box for my coil pack.

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In fact that evil tire eating rock is right outside the driver door of Jr's rig in the pic of him coming down the hill.