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feels like my truck is gonna stall.. please help!!

January 23, 2000
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i have a question... over the past 2 days i have noticed that every time i turn my wheel it feels as though my truck is gonna stall. i dunno what is wrong with my truck it happens when i am reversing too. It happens evertime i try to turn in and reverse out of a parking spot. it is really annoying and i am worried that it could be a serious problem. has anyone ever experienced this? i went to a local dealership and they said that they didn't know what was wrong with it and that they would have to have a tech look at it. anyway if anyone has any info i'd apreciate Dead Link Removed.
97 SOHC 4x4

I have noticed over the past years that many auto transmission truck(even cars) have this probleme. It seem to be comming from the power stering system working to hard, maybe missing fluid or defective parts in it. Try looking at that first, because on a computer controled engine, low idle is not in case(execpt if computer is deprogrammed).

94 XL 4.0 5 speed 4x4

I believe your truck has a power steering pressure sensor which detects when you are turning the wheels (in other words, loading the power steering pump). This signal is used by the computer to open the Idle Air Bypass Solenoid to slightly increase the engine idle speed to forstall engine stalling. The above assumes you are not turning the steering wheel to full lock and holding it there which drives the power steering pressures way up.