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Fell off the wagon today


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August 1, 2008
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Well, its been some time now since I indulged. I gave in to the holiday, being single and no one to share this Easter with. I decided to fill my gut with some of the bad/good stuff this afternoon. :(

Here is the culprits that got me off the wagon today!

:D Oh yeah Baby!:D


1/2 lb Angus burgers with all the succulent trimmings I had!!

Half pound 90/10 Black Angus seasoned beef & pepper jack cheese,
Thick slice of fresh tomato, red onion, fresh iceburg lettuce, butter chip pickle slices, Frenches spicy mustard, hunts ketchup, all on a toasted bun!

Heck it's Easter & I didnt have to cook a ton of different dishes this year, so what the heck?

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Did you have a good BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPP !! after pounding those monster burgers down? :biggthump

Did you have a good BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPP !! after pounding those monster burgers down? :biggthump

Oh man, I'm still belching...LOL!

I knew one wouldn't be enough, so I had to make a back up burger! Heh Heh!

lol, my girl is outta town , and parents have moved away, so after church, went to shoot some hoops,, and then out bike riding, then an easter dinner at hardees ,, 1/3 pound for me,, So guess it must be an explorer thing ,,lol

Homemade pizza here tonight :D

Way too much cake and candy for me today. :(

Right ON!!! :D

mmmmm ur making me hungry