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fellas, i need ideas on new cb antenna placement


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March 23, 2011
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03 sport trac XLT
hey fellas, so over the weekend my gf's cousin was starting college about 100 miles down south, and so i loaned the trac to her family to move her many many boxes of clothes and bike. well, the trac came back in one piece, but my magnet mount antenna was broken while her dad was loading something onto the roof basket.

so now im thinking either two things:

-buy a new magnet mount antenna, i was thinking of going with a wilson magnet mount

-or find a spot to hook up a firestik.

the willy magnet mount would be the easiest option, but im thinking now would be a good time to switch to a firestik. my previous magnet mount was starting to scratch up the roof of my rig.

the firestik would be ideal, but i cant seem to decide where i want to place it. so if you think i should get the firestik, where should i put it? ill preface this with letting everyone know that i have a camper shell that i put on my trac during the winter months so it knocks out the options of placing a firestik anywhere on the edge of the bed.

let me know what your ideas are, thanks!

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-buy a new magnet mount antenna, i was thinking of going with a wilson magnet mount

Wilson's are the best magnet antenna on the market. I have one hooked up to my 10meter HAM/ CB radio and I can talk over 30 miles on it. Its wonderful hahaha. I'd mount it on the rear of the cab right on top of the 3rd break light... idk if your basket would interfere with it though

Check runners antenna mount. I was pretty set on a Lil wil magnet mount but after seeing his, I'm reconsidering. Never did ask about functionally though. Maybe he'll chime in.

I like how runner has his but if you trail ride they brush or trees then it will get damaged eventually. I have a K40 magnet mount on my roof now but have several different fiberglass whips I can mount if I find a place it won't get broken off from brush, trees, etc... The best placement on a vehicle for a CB antenna is on the roof for best signal, strength, etc... This downside to a rooftop mount is it hits off of any low clearance obstacles.

a magnet mount would be my easiest option. i do love those willy magnet mounts, theyre awesome. it wouldnt interfere with my basket either. i had my old mag mount right over the 3rd brake light and it was picking up great, pretty close to 1.0 on channel 20. the thing about the magnet mount is that my magnet mount got beat to hell by tree branches while out on the trail, and by parking garages in the city. it finally snapped after my gf's uncle got near it.

i was thinking of mounting a firestik on the rear right corner on the bumper, but im not sure i want to drill a hole into the bumper. any other ideas? right now im 60/40 in favor of just getting a willy, but i would really like to try a firestik, and keep another huge magnet from scuffing my roof.

well you got a roof mount have the wires set for roof mounting why not get a dual (co-phased) setup with firesticks. get the mirror mounts and clamp them to the basket. nice part of this setup is ground is not necessary just run the cables and tune bada bing bada boom.

or you can do what i did originally and the indents in the front of the bed will fit a bracket between the bed and the cab. i ran that set up with a 4ft fiberglass it wasn't terrible.

or if you want you can run a tailgate bracket and mount just left or right of the gate. also drill through the bumper and hard mount there.

I love my antenna. I got a door jamb bracket off amazon and mounted it on the driver's side of the tailgate so it's out of my blind spot. I get really good reception from it and also no feedback which is why I was getting rid of my magnet mount. Plus a magnet mount would make the truck ridiculously tall.


I'll get a better pic soon.

thanks dakota, great ideas. i thought about using mirror mounts on the roof basket andthen getting some stiks or whips up there, but then i started thinking that the height might be an issue. my magnet mount had already taken a hell of a beating the last year already, but its still an option. the way you used the indent in the bed and mounted your antenna sounds like a great idea as long as i can still get my camper shell on. do you have any upclose pics of how you did that?

runner - im thinking of doing what you did, do you have any close up pics of your mount set up?

thanks fellas, as soon as i figure out which way i go, ill post pics of how i get it done.

half of a mirror bracket bolted to one of the threaded holes at the front of the bed. works great for me! As long as you dont have a bed cover.



thats a sweet set up, but unfortunately for me, i have a camper shell that i throw on during the winter months for my dogs that will keep me from doing a set up like that. maybe if i can do a similar mount in between the bed and the cab similar to what dakota was talking about.

Here's a little closer. Sorry I'm on campus right now and cant get a better pic up. Also, I ran the antenna cable along the passenger side of the frame, into the rocker panels and then into the cab through one of the rubber grommets right by the b-pillar in the floor. I ran it under all the plastic molding on the inside like some oem wiring and then under the vinyl flooring to my cb on the console. Really clean and only about an inch of wire showing in the cab which is great.


I'll throw up some more pics around 330 or 4 that better show everything.

thanks for the shot runner, if you could do me a favor and snap a camera pic of your set up with the tailgate down so i can see how you mounted it that would be awesome! thanks again.

Here's my whole setup minus under the truck. I took off the door sill so you can see the grommet.
You'll have to excuse the mud and mess. I havent had time to clean it out lol




thank you so much runner, i think this is the route im going. where'd you get the brackets? rightchannelradio? thanks again, i really appreciate it and ill post pics of mine when i get it done.

I got everything off amazon for like $50. This is the bracket I got.

Make sure to get the firestik 2 antenna because you can tune it with the screw in the top instead of cutting the tip so that you dont cut off too much and then it wont work as well. For the cable I got a 50' section and cut it to length. I wish I knew how long it really was but I'm pretty sure it was around the optimal 18' long cb coax.

sorry for the delay but i moved mine and the way mine was inbetween the bed and the cab tucked into the ribs on the forward wall of the bed. nice part was the mounting puts the antenna in line with the seal of the rear window