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Female body clips for 2011+? hitch cover panels - FOUND.

My wife backed our 2013 Explorer Sport right into my F-150 and in doing so popped the rear hitch cover off. When I tried to put it back on, I realized one of the female clips on the body had broken. These aren't the male pins on the hitch cover - these are the clips that the male pieces lock into. A short search indicated Ford wanted me to buy a whole new chuck of bumper cover plastic (~$100, give or take) for want of a tiny little clip! Ugh. So I dove back into the innerwebs and discovered that the clips are Southco (Dzus) parts. The part number is D1-004-915-010. One source at Amazon sells them but they are crazy-priced at $20 apiece. The best deal I could find was through D. B. Roberts Company. They have a minimum order quantity of $5 so I had to buy 11 of them (at 46 cents apiece) and pay about $15 for S&H but $20 still beats $100 if my math is right. Plus, I have spares. One note of caution: before installing, go to Southco's product page and see how to install the clips. They go in very easily if you do it right (from the bottom). And you're welcome... I accept payment in beer!