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Fender Flare Struggles


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October 22, 2001
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It all started when I ordered a set of Bushwacker Extend-A-Fender flares for my 98XLT. After waiting two weeks I get a package for 1982-1988 ranger flares and it seems bushwacker screwed up and sent me the wrong item. When I call Truckperformance.com back they call bushwacker and find out they don't make these flares for the Explorer anymore, and instruct me to ship back the product I received. HOW REDICULOUS!! Anyways as I'm looking on the net for a set of Extend-A-Fender flares and I notice that the specs are 95-97 when Truckperformance said 95-00. Is there a big enough difference that these flares wont work with factory trim? This is all so confusing and flares are to damn expensive. If I can't get to the bottom of this Bushwacker situation I'm gonna go order some EGR flares. Mainly I need the extra extension so my MT Classic II's don't destroy my rocker panel..hopefully things will turn out for the best soon

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Whatever you figure out, keep us informed because I want some flares for my Classic II's also.

Don't know what they are talking about... I just got flares for my '92 a couple weeks ago. Maybe they discontinued the later models? I don't know...

The 95-97 flares should work for you, because the front flare stops at the fender before it gets to the bumper. The 98-01 bumper are different than the 95-97, but they both start about the same place on the fender. It should work. If you get the Bushwackers, I would suggest not using the pop rivets and using sheet metal screws instead. That way when you break one, it's easier to replace.
The Bushwackers are ABS plastic and don't give very much, before they crack or break.
I have Bushwackers and don't really care that much for them. I have broken them before. If I had to do it all over again, I would go with polyurethane, like the XENON flares. Just my .02


Talked to the friendly!!! people @ Bushwacker today. They told me the 95-97 Extend-a-Fender flares would work but I would have to get a new front molding piece from a 95-97 to mount correctly. My question, is there a difference to a 98 of this molding piece. There tech said there was no other modifications I would have to do and they agreed to build a set for me though they're not made anymore. I really want to get these set up because the price is right @ $250.00 from truckperformance but I need to know if this will work...


the front is slightly different. you could probably get what you need from a junyard. i'm sure they have a couple rollover explorers there.