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Fender Flares on 97 Explorer XL 2 Door


February 19, 2001
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London, Ontario
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2003 Explorer XLT 4wd
I currently have no fender flares on my explorer.
I have recently installed 31 X 10.5 tires to my car.

I am looking to purchase front and rear fender flares for all four wheels.

I would like either the XL flare, as shown on the web site below,

or the large sport flares. I am sure you all know what they look like.

The ford dealer wants over $300 for the smaller flares, and 450 for the SPORT flares.

Any idea on where i can get a pair for a good price?

My plan is to take off the moulding between my front and rear tires, and spray paint the new flares and existing mouldings metallic silver. Should look great with my all black explorer.



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April 25, 2000
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Houston, Texas
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2008 JK
Try www.fordpartsnetwork.com Email Torrie. He should be able to find you those Ford flares for cheaper than the dealer. You can also look into aftermarket flares. I know Performance Products usually has a few. I think their site changed to www.stylinconcepts.com You can also try www.truckperformance.com

Good luck, and thanks for visiting my homepage. I hope you don't mind that it hasn't been updated in 11 months. Oops!