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Fender Flares or Fiberglass

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If you are going to put bigger tires on, or if it's rubbing already and you don't want to lift it, i'd say go for the flares. Probably around 50/50 if you compare fiberglass vs. flares as far as cost depending on which brand flares you go with. Then you have the cost of painting the fiberglass if you paint it at all. Another thing to consider is that fiberglass doesn't always line up as good as the OEM sheetmetal. Some brands may be better than others so i'd ask people on here what brand they are using and how it lines up.

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I, personally, would stick with the metal fenders with flares.

FIBERGLASS but thats just my opinion.

Flares are nice but Fiberglass looks cleaner.
The cheapo glass may not line up perfect.

I used AUtoFAB glass on my BII and it was expensive!
The drivers side didnt line up well at all at first, but it wasnt the fiberglass' fault, it was my truck.
I got in a monor wreck a few years back and the drivers side door got tweaked. I re0hung the door (PITA) and now it lines up great!

Flares are cheaper, but you will have to cut the metal to fit them, plus I dont know of many flares made for Explorer's???

If you do go flares then at least when you cut the metal do it right, clean up the new bare edge and paint it, to avoid rust. If you bolt the flares on, same thing, dont leave bare holes in teh metal or they will rust, treat them first.........

Fiberglass has advantages, no rust, they are durable, and they look great.

Flares have advantages, they are flexible, cheaper, and provide coverage/clearance.

Matter of opinion really, both are functional.
I know berfore I did my fenders my tires stuck out about 4" past the feders on both sides, that really killed my paint job and would be illegal in many states. The fiberglass solved that problem............

I loved my Perry's fenders.

what gives?

i went on the perry web site and found the fiberglass fenders for a 92 x. but no price? can any one tell me how much they are? por favor:D

when i called and asked about my 95 they said about 350 shipped