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Fender Flares


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June 7, 2001
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benton, ar
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'93 EB 4dr 4x4
I am looking for some fender flares for my '93 eb. I was wondering if i could get some input about whats the best kind as far a durability and ease of install.

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Welcome to the site,
I have Bushwackers on my 97, and although I think they look good, they are very hard ABS plastic, as opposed to the Xenon, that uses urethane. Urethane flexes more.
In short there is Bushwacker, Xenon, and Warn, and Deflectashield( I know nothing about these, but they look like stock EB flares).
Hope this helps.

Ray Lobato

Could you take any close up pictures of how your flares fit against the front fenders and rear doors? I have a dent on one of my front fenders and the door molding isn't exactly perfect. (both were already there when I bought it) I want to try and see if I'll need them fixed before I get those flares.

thanks for the help finding fender flares. The only brand I can find for my year model is the warn flares. Anybody had any experience with these?

you could try fiberglass fenders as well..

Camburg sells a new set for the 91-94 series exploer that look very good. stock mounts and all