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Fender moulding?


May 1, 2006
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Reno NV
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94 Explorer Sport 5 spd
I have been looking all over the net, I need the left rear fender moulding/trim, or whatever you want to call it for the explorer sport I just bought.

it covers the fender edge, and the lower portion of the quarterpanel in front of and behind the rear wheel.

black plastic.

Any ideas?


Ford sells them, but check to make sure that they still stock them, and that its the correct peice. '91-'92 and '93-'94 sports have slightly different molding setup, I dont know whats under the connecting plastic peice between the wheels, there may be screw holes or something. Your best bet is a junkyard or ebay, find someone parting out a sport.

I have looked all over ebay, I will keep looking.

I talked to the owner of the local maaco bodyshop, he looked it up and said it was discontinued from Ford.

The junkyards around here kind of suck, people go in there and break everything they can to get to the one part they want, they are getting worse.