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fender pulling/bulging


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July 31, 2006
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southern cal
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2000 xls
Has anyone tried to pull/bulge fenders to make them stick out wider?

i did it , i put the front up on a jack on 1 side so the tire was in the fender opening , and use a baseball bat as a roller, turned the wheel and used it to hold the bat so it rolled the edge out smoothly,,

i found this in a google search,
You will need:
-wooden baseball bat
-heat gun
-wheel wedges (or whatever stops your car from rolling away)

- raise your car a little bit and tear off the rubber modling. Should come right off
- make sure you can barely fit the bat between the wheel and the fender
- heat the area a little where you will be working
- put the bat underneath and put a little pressure on the handle. You should see the fender edge bend up a little bit (1mm or so)
- go all the way around the bending the edge a little bit
- keep the area you're working on hot to prevent the paint from cracking.
- once you got it started, raise the car a little bit, and do it again bending the lip in another 1mm
- you can see where this is going... keep doing this until the car is all the way in the air and you got the lip bent in as far as possible.
- if you need to bend the lip in further, turn around and use the handle. Place the handle against the bent lip and put pressure on the head of the bat to push the lip towards the fender even further. At this point, it's a good idea to have the ebrake off and the car out of gear so your wheel can rotate freely. Doign this will allow you to get a nice smooth edge on the bent lip.

-just do it slowly and you'll get great result. Take your time and do a little bit at a time. It should take you at least 30min per corner if you want to do a good job.


Great idea, instead of purchasing the roller, do you happen to have pics of your work?