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Fender Rub


May 14, 2006
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Newport News, VA
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03 XLT Sports Trac
I just finished my 4" superlift lift. I'm running the SL recommended 33X12.50R15 on 15X8 3.75 BS. I have slight fender rub, it is worse on the passenger side. Is there any adjustments i can make, or would a good alignment be able to fix this? Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Is it rubbing on the fender, or the plastic in the fenderwell?

It is rubbing the plastic cladding at the rear of the front fender.

I recently had that problem you can hear the rubbing a lot when you turn hard to the right.

All you do is turn the wheel to the right hard, and while it is parked look at where the plastic is rubbing, trim off any plastice there. When I did mine all there was needed to trim was about 2" in length.

I just used a pair of pliers,

I was hoping there was an adjustment to try before I started cutting, I'm waiting to hear back from Superlift because they said there should be no rubbing, thanks for the input though.

Just cut the plastic. The cutting required should only be inside the fender, and not noticeable by anyone. I used a cutting wheel on a dremel.

Superlift says a 33" will fit but they do not spec how wide the tire can be. Or what the offset/backspacing of your wheels should be. That is why they rub, your tires are WIDE, and if you add in any offset it only makes it worse. There is no adjustment to fix this unless you crank up your torsion bars and it clears the cladding, or cut it.