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Fender Swap???


September 11, 2002
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Renton, WA
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93 XLT
Hola guys,
i have a 93 xlt and decided i wanted to put a costum fender flare...by rear ending someone...that was dumb...but now that i have the $$ to fix i was wondering if the 95 + fenders would fit on a first gen body??? i dont know if im going to do this i was just exoploring my options....


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If you did that you would have to change the entire front end too. Like lights and grille, etc.

www.perrysfabnfiber.com has complete fiberglass kits though! :cool:

It can work.... Are you going for lift or stock? you will need...
-Corner lights
-Full Grille
-Bumper (more round than 1st gens)

how bout in the rear, can i put the 2nd gen rear bumper on???

The bumpers are basically the same 91-97.5. 97.5+ they don't have the plate spot or plate lights anymore, so you don't want that.