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Few Questions About JBL Factory Audio


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March 16, 2008
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97' Exploder EB Edition
Hey, I'm thinking of Re-Amping the factory door speakers, just so they can keep up with my subs.

does anyone know what the RMS/PEAK of the door speakers for the 97 JBL system is? i cant seem to find it :| (of course they don't put it on the speakers lol)

how do you remove the cover for the factory sub/amp?? i tryed to pry it off but its breaking.

does anyone need a AMP/SUB from a 97 explorer lol??

Get new speakers! how do you want the stock 12 year old paper ones to keep up with the system on your sig??

There's a how to on the stock sub, try a search, you need to remove the whole pannel IIRC

:p - No moneys lol. they are ok, but i just want them a little bit louder for now untill i upgrade my doors. find has a cheap amp... gives me someting to do lol.

ill look againt but i didn't find anything, prolly not using the right words in search...

My friend offered me 4 MA Audio speakers for $40, he just took them off of a Mazda in like new condition, all 4 work as they should (he owns a car AV shop)
If you're interested I can see if he still has them, I checked ebay when he told me, these are $60 a pair